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08/01/2009: "Interview with Troy MacCubbin"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Brazilian fans interviewed t.A.T.u.ís guitarist Troy MacCubbin on July 31st, 2009. Thanks to Ivan, Jade, Dunniasha and Mary.

Mary: All right Troy, donít kill me after this, butÖ What do you think about this time off in t.A.T.u.?
Troy: Well hard to say. I think every project now and then needs to take a step back and work out what they really want. Itís really up to Julia and Lena. Us guys are here in LA working on different things and different projects. So I don't really know. Iím kinda excited to get this project out there with Lena.

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Mary Lazarini: First at all, thank you so much, Troy.
Troy MacCubbin: No problems.
Mary Lazarini: Weíre from a Brazilian community named t.A.T.u. Brazil, and from TroymaccubbinBR too.
Troy MacCubbin: You guys ROCK!! I love Brazil!!!
Mary Lazarini: And we love you too!
Ivan: Letís start?
Troy MacCubbin: Letís do it, I hope I can answer them well.
Ivan: So, there are three different parts. The first one is about Troy, the second one is about t.A.T.u., and the third about Lenaís new project, OK?
Troy MacCubbin: Cool.

Ivan: SoÖ Letís start! When and how did you start playing the electric guitar?
Troy MacCubbin: My dad played guitar and I just grew up around music all the time. I started with my dad teaching around the age of 10, then started lessons at around 17.
Mary Lazarini: Youíre a very good player!
Troy MacCubbin: Oh thank you.

Jade: Do you play any other instruments?
Troy MacCubbin: I play a little Piano, good enough to write and play a song, and bass guitar. A little didderidoo. Dam I canít spell that.
Ivan: We all canít.

(íDidgeridooí is a wind instrument developed by indigenous Australians.)

Mary Lazarini: Whatís the most popular kind of music in Australia?
Troy MacCubbin: Mmm all types really. A lot of rock, pub rock but all types.

Dunniasha: SoÖ Next one is: Tell us about your experience playing with very famous singers, such as Kelly Clarkson and Enrique Iglesias.
Troy MacCubbin: Mmm Kelly I was with only for some rehearsals. But she seemed really cool. Enrique I spent a week with in Miami then I went to t.A.T.u.. Didnít really get to know Enrique. I had lots of fun butÖ It was my first big gig I scored and I was staying in this awesome hotel on the beach in Miami. I was in Heaven. Really fun guys in the band.
Ivan: Seems to be really cool being a musician
Troy MacCubbin: itís has itís moments. Sometimes are the best on the world and other time you want to do something else because your making no money, and your depressed because you feel like youíre not good enough or you suck. Then you have a great show and you feel awesome again. Itís a drug!

Ivan: Whatís your favorite band or singer?
Troy MacCubbin: Mmm I love so much different music itís hard to say one favorite. Love U2, love Muse. Love a lot of different music.

Jade: Ok, next one then. Whatís your solo career favorite song? And why?
Troy MacCubbin: Mmm Iím still writing it. I wrote some ideas today that I really loved.
Ivan: Can you tell us a little about them?
Troy MacCubbin: Everytime I come up with a new idea I love it. So it changes. This idea I have had for a few years, but I just played it today and it started to really come together. I also wrote an idea for the Lena project which they didnít use and I got a great song out of that. So you never know when you write something how itís going to come out or where itís going to end up. I just started getting out and playing some acoustic shows here in LA so I can work up my songs and get back into my solo stuff.

Mary Lazarini: How did you first met Sven?
Troy MacCubbin: We met in our band Life Death & Giants many years ago. He was here visiting from Germany and answered an ad we had in the paper looking for a keyboard player. Heís my German brother. Itís like we come from the same family.

Dunniasha: Are we gonna have some news about Core 202 anytime soon?
Troy MacCubbin: Yes Sven and I have been working on it. We are waiting for a remix to be finished to release our video and the ballad version of No Enemy. I canít wait to to get the songs out to you guys. Also we are changing the name to Martin & MacCubbin. Core 202 wasnít working for us so we are just going with Martin & MacCubbin. Ooops Iím not sure Sven wanted me to leak that!

Ivan: Could you explain us the name íCore 202í? Does it have any special meaning?
Troy MacCubbin: Yes, it does now that we are ditching the name. Itís where Sven, Domen and I use to live in Studio City. Our apartment was number 202 and we were the core of the group. Our old band.
Ivan: I think weíre the first fans to understand the nameÖ Itís so cool.

Jade: Troy, do you know any Brazilian song, or some band maybe?
Troy MacCubbin: You know what I am sad to say, I donít, but when we were in S„o Paulo I seen some and I just loved the vibe, the energy. I really love Brazil I canít wait to come back. Well now it looks like it will be Martin & MacCubbin.

Mary Lazarini: So, next one. When you came with t.A.T.u., was your first time in Brazil? What do you think about Brazilian fans?
Troy MacCubbin: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Just a fantastic country, you guys have so much energy and passion. Love Latin America. The only one thing I hated I wasnít there long enough!!! I want to come back.

Mary Lazarini: So Troy, there is a VERY VERY good question: All of us want to know: How did you felt kissing the OLDEST Lady from Brazilian TV? Do you remember, Hebe?
Dunniasha: HahahaÖ Ow man.
Mary Lazarini: Poor him!
Troy MacCubbin: Well I really wanted to stick the tongue in and give her a really passionate kiss.
Troy MacCubbin: No it was fun, she seems really cool and fun.
Mary Lazarini: Whoa! Troy is in love with Hebe, guys.
Troy MacCubbin: Oh shut up!!!
Troy MacCubbin: Next question?
Dunniasha: She is really a cute old ladyÖ Who like to kiss young mans a LOT.
Troy MacCubbin: Coool next time I will kiss her again and again!
Mary Lazarini: Thereís a hot and brave man!
Dunniasha: Yeah, we will give her the message.

(Hebe is a 80 years old lady from Brazilian TV who Troy íkissedí when t.A.T.u. came here. It was pretty funny. If you guys want to see her face, just google íHebe Camargoí.)

Dunniasha: Next one. How do you see yourself ten years from now? Working with Lena and the guys? Solo career? Tell us.
Troy MacCubbin: Mmm well I think all of us guys will always be friends and continue to work together. I hope so. I really would love to combine the two. When Lena wants to take a break Iíll do my solo music and when shes ready to rock Iíll be there. All of us are pretty tight now. Great bunch of people! Domen & Sven are like family as Iíve known them for over 10 years. Well us guys are really happy to be working all together.

Mary Lazarini: Does Lena still in LA now Troy? Or she went back to Russia?
Troy MacCubbin: Lena is here, I was just at the studio today with her. They are all there right now and Iím here at my studio recording some guitar parts for a song. Iím going to have to get back to it soon.

Jade: How did you first met Lena and Yulia?
Troy MacCubbin: We first met at the end of 2002 when Interscope introduced us. It was me and Sven then Roman.

Mary Lazarini: So Troy, how was your first impression when you played with t.A.T.u. for the first time in Russia?
Troy MacCubbin: It was crazy, really interesting to go to Russia for the first time. Lots of things to see and go investigate, lots of funÖ Bloody cold.
Mary Lazarini: t.A.T.u. Fans in Russia are so crazy! Almost more than we are!
Troy MacCubbin: No, I would say you guys are more crazy!! In a great way.
Ivan: Thank you!
Mary Lazarini: Thanks I guess!
Dunniasha: Glad to know we are crazy in a good way!
Troy MacCubbin: When we played that one show in S„o Paulo it was really awesome. I wanted to keep playing. Didnít want to stop. you guys were the best! I want to tour Brazil big time.
Jade: Own, thanks Troy, it means a lot to us!
Mary Lazarini: You must come and play like 100 shows!

Ivan: So, whatís your favorite t.A.T.u. song?
Troy MacCubbin: Well I really liked the first album. Loved playing How soon is now and Comos live. My favorite with anything always changesÖ Sometimes a fast song sometimes a slow song, depends on my mood.

Jade: Troy, which one was the best show ever with the girls?
Troy MacCubbin: Wow good question. We have had some great shows. Mmm trying to think of one that comes to mind. Well the one in Brazil was great, we had some great shows in Russia. They all start to become a blur.
Mary Lazarini: St Petersburg maybe? That one was epic!
Troy MacCubbin: Yeah that was pretty over whelming. We hadnít even done a big show like that and we turn up and theres all these camera there. Iím like: Oh shit, I really have no idea what Iím doing just yet.

Dunniasha: NowÖ Tell us about the funniest moment youíve had with Yulia and LenaÖ could you remember?
Troy MacCubbin: As I knew the songs but I didnít know what pedals I was going to hit, I didnít have my amps, I had to use these really shitty amps, that was a tough kid and very wowÖ I nearly blew my head off with all those explosions going off. If you watch the video I didnít have a guitar tech, so when I broke a string i had to change it myself. Crazy.
You can see me in one song changing it on the side of the stage. F#*cking funny. It was great fun but so much pressure to because we didnít have a chance to work out the show at all. It was like 1 2 3 and go!!!

Mary Lazarini: All right Troy, donít kill me after this, butÖ What do you think about this ítime offí in t.A.T.u. Band?
Troy MacCubbin: Well hard to say. I think every project now and then needs to take a step back and work out what they really want. itís really up to Julia and Lena. Us guys are here in LA working on different things and different projects. So I donít really know. Iím kinda excited to get this project out there with Lena.

Ivan: Do you have any hopes about recording some new t.A.T.u. album, someday?
Troy MacCubbin: I havenít really thought about it because we have been concentrating on this new project. I think when itís time for that I would be very excited to record more for t.A.T.u..

Jade: This new project has got a name as a band or itís gonna be called Lena Katina? And the CD, any ideas about a name?
Troy MacCubbin: No official name just yet. We have been throwing around some ideas but nothing set in stone. Itís been really great because itís a band project with Lena out front, so everyone is doing there thing on it. I think Lena is excited to show us what she can do and we are all excited to try some new music together.
Mary Lazarini: Itís gonna be amazing.
Troy MacCubbin: I really hope you guys like it!

Mary Lazarini: When will you guys let us listen some of the new songs? We canít wait!
Troy MacCubbin: Well Iím working on that guys right now. I am talking to all the guys in the band about us releasing something for you guys as a sneak peak. I came up with an idea today on my guitar that I thought might be a great song idea for me and Lena to sing together.
Jade: That would be great!
Troy MacCubbin: Maybe weíll just play it for you guys on video and put it on youtube, so weíll see.
Ivan: It sounds great!
Troy MacCubbin: Yeah it should be fun.
Ivan: Better if itís in the album!
Troy MacCubbin: Well if it turns out really great weíll have to wait until the album is released. But weíll give you guys something.

Ivan: Recently, whatís the musical influences in the project?
Troy MacCubbin: Now thats a great question. We are all coming from such different musical backgrounds. MmmÖ Itís a mess of everything we love. Some fun stuff, some serious stuff. Itís a bit of everything. Nothing like t.A.T.u., and thats not a bad thing. Itís still going to have that Lena sound, which we all love.
Mary Lazarini: For me it sounds really great. I mean, to see you guys playing something different, you know?
Troy MacCubbin: Yeah I agree. It will be really nice and fun. Weíll have a ballad and some rock stuff and dance stuff.

Jade: So whoís working in the lyrics? And the musics?
Troy MacCubbin: Itís all over the place right now. We are going to write as many tunes as we can and see which ones sound the best. Well, we are all working in all areas. Everyone is contributing. Lots of suggestions and ideas floating around. Steve has been working on a lot lyric ideas and he would bring them into the studio and we would go through them as a band. We say like that line, donít like that, love that , letís try this etcÖ I mean everyone has been giving something to the project. I came up with some chorus ideas, then Sven would add something, then Domen, and Lena, and Boris. Everyone is getting in there to help make this a great band project.

Ivan: Is Lena working on lyrics too?
Troy MacCubbin: Yes Lena is working with all of us on everything. Lena will say I love that, or do that again, or why not try this. We are bouncing ideas around until we come up with something we all like. For exampleÖ I showed the guys this chord progression I have had for years that I really like. It was originally one of my songs but I do it in 6/8. Domen & Sven loved it. Then Domen said why not change this part. Then Sven added some ideas. Then Lena came up with this cool chorus melody, the song just kept growing.
Mary Lazarini: Got it, sounds really great!
Troy MacCubbin: Itís sounding really nice, I think one of the best we have so far then Steve wrote some lyrics outÖ All of a sudden we had this really cool song, so itís really cool to be involved with something where everyone is adding their touch. This will be very much a group effort. All us guys are working well together. Steve, Domen, Sven Boris, Lena and me.

Mary Lazarini: Troy, weíre almost finishing here, just a couple of questions now.
Troy MacCubbin: Ok.
Dunniasha: Next oneÖ Any plans about a new tour for the new project? Would Brazil be on it, hopefully?
Troy MacCubbin: Well first we have to finish writing these songs, then we are going to pick out the ones that really stand out. Then weíll talk some people and then weíll record it properly, then weíll start thinking about a tour. Iím pushing for it big time guys, especially Brazil. See just by you guys doing this interview and showing your support thats going to show the record labels, hey we need to get the band down to Brazil because there are so many fans. So keep up the support it will make the tour happen.
Ivan: Oh, thank you Troy.

Mary Lazarini: The last one: Whatís the main difference between Lenaís songs and t.A.T.u.ís songs?
Troy MacCubbin: Mmm. Well itís Lena singing on her ownÖ Talking to Sven hang on
Mary Lazarini: Ok.
Troy MacCubbin: Lena says hello!
Mary Lazarini: Say hello to her!
Dunniasha: Say hello to her too!

Mary Lazarini: Well, finishing. Weíre doing a fansite for ya, named troymaccubbinBR and we want you to tell us if you do this troymaccubbinBR your official Brazilian fansite. Do we have your agreement?
Troy MacCubbin: Guys I really have to say no. Sorry.
Troy MacCubbin: Joking.
Jade: Oh GoshÖ You almost killed us here, Troy!
Troy MacCubbin: Of course I would be so proud and happy that guys support me this much.
Dunniasha: Gosh I had a heart attack!
Mary Lazarini: Iím dead, kisses.
Troy MacCubbin: Sorry Iím a meany! I love what you guys are doing. Itís really awesome that we have this connection. You guys ROCK!! Well I love you guys and all the support you give. Fantastic! If we could get more of you guys set up in different countries that would be fantastic. Maybe you guys can start spreading the world to the other fans around the world. The more we do together the bigger this will become.

Ivan: Thank you very much for this Troy. For all this.
Mary Lazarini: Yep, thanks.
Dunniasha: Yeah, thank you for the amazing opportunity !
Jade: Yeah, thanks for all! Youíre awesome, dude; talking to you and getting this interview was just great! Thank you, very very much.
Troy MacCubbin: Guys anytime. Iím working hard on trying to do more for the fans. Get you guys more involved and be apart of our projects. Guys rock on and letís do this again in the future! Really great talking to you. Ok I better get back to this song and record some Guitars. You guys are awesome!
Ivan: Good luck Troy.
Mary Lazarini: Good luck! And thanks, again!
Troy MacCubbin: Thank you for everything and all your support! Bye guys!!!!

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on Saturday, August 8th, Kevin Krayewski said

wow! great interview, I hope they come here to Argentina for their first tour, though Brazil is very closer from Argentina

on Sunday, August 2nd, Sam said

That was an awesome interview ! :) sooo excited for Lenas new solo project ! :) Troys the best <3

on Sunday, August 2nd, Dunniasha said

Like Mary already said, thank you guys. We are very happy to know everybody liked our interview !

All the effort was worth it !

on Sunday, August 2nd, Mary Lazarini said

And yes, Troy is such a cool guy! He was amazing doing this for us!

on Sunday, August 2nd, Mary Lazarini said

Hey guys, thanks for all the nice words! :)
We're so glad that many people around the world enjoyed the interview!
Thanks! :)

on Sunday, August 2nd, Amanda said

I thought this was an excellent interview. I was really impressed with the Brazilian fans, as they were able to interview Troy so professionally!

Kayla & Kayla, actually, I had noticed that before. I would appreciate it if you could comment with the first letter of your surname (e.g. Kayla C.)

on Saturday, August 1st, Kayla said

Oh, by the way, I'm not the same Kayla as the other Kayla who commented. xD

on Saturday, August 1st, Kayla said

I'm really excited about this Lena project. I want to hear some songs.

on Saturday, August 1st, Faiza said

Troy is so awesome :D

on Saturday, August 1st, Kayla said

This was such an amazing interview! It really let us learn more about his personality. Troy is so awsome!

on Saturday, August 1st, Ivan said

It was a cool intrview..
Troy is such a great person

on Saturday, August 1st, Jo said

That was a great interview! I'm so glad to hear that Lena is so involved. I'm so excited for this.

Great interview!