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08/20/2009: "Fan meeting with Lena Katina (08.17.09)"

Source: allmylove.org

I attended the fan meeting with Lena Katina on August 17th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

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My report:
Melanie and I arrived at the pre-meeting at 2:00 PM. Although there was many fans there, everyone was in separate groups, therefore we had difficulty finding everyone. Eventually, a large group was formed, and Melanie and I walked towards it. Some fans recognized me, and said “you must be Amanda!”, and introduced themselves to me. I asked everyone whether they had something to contribute to the gift bag, and Melanie contributed a book by one of her favorite authors, then Diana contributed her Spanish CD for Lena!!! Shortly after, Lena arrived in a silver car, which Diana recognized and told everyone “she’s here!”. She was wearing a medium-length navy-blue dress, high heels, head band and sunglasses. She was even more beautiful in person than in photos and videos. I walked towards her and presented her with the bouquet of flowers. I said, “Lena, these flowers are for you, I know that lilies are your favorite.” She smiled, and held the bouquet of flowers, and posed for a picture. As I was very nervous, I began to speak to her more, saying “my name is Amanda. I am a friend of Sergey and Svetka.”
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Video for allmylove.org:

Filmed by Melanie

My pictures with Lena and the band:

Full-size versions here

Replies: 25 Comments

on Monday, August 24th, yasd said

Lena looks beautiful.

on Sunday, August 23rd, Colettio said

awesome pics! all thats missing is a short, black-haired russian by the name of Yulia, she is like a mystical leprechaun to me!

on Sunday, August 23rd, Brandon said

Sadly, Liz's comparison may not be inaccurate. It's seems like t.A.T.u.'s pending projects have all been screwed up. :(

on Saturday, August 22nd, liz said

i think the international version of "happy smiles" will be like the guns n' roses album "chinese democracy"...it will probably be released in 2024.

as for you and i, i couldn't care less anymore!

however, i'm excited for lena's solo work!

on Saturday, August 22nd, sebas said

Ohh she is so sweet!! i think that if i see lena i will die in that second haha she is so kind!! good luck with the new project

on Saturday, August 22nd, Nichya said

Sorry, was just making sure

on Saturday, August 22nd, cynthia said

hope they don't delay you and i anymore ... (ramco i mean) well at least we got a quick tip about what to wait for ...

on Friday, August 21st, Amanda said

Nichya, Lena said that they hope to release the international version of “Happy Smiles”, but there is no release date yet. And she said that the release of “You And I” is dependent on the production company RAMCO. There is no new information on t.A.T.u., but if there was, it would have been posted on the official website prior to the fan meeting.

on Friday, August 21st, Luna said

aww lena is so cute! she looked fantastic at the fan meeting!

on Friday, August 21st, Nichya said

I watched the videos and read your experience and still don't know anything new about the you and I movie and t.A.T.u.'s third English Album

on Friday, August 21st, liz said

i'm soooo jealous, but it's ok! nice fan report and pics!

on Friday, August 21st, Sara said

Wow ! Interesting pics . Thanks dear .

on Friday, August 21st, Katharine said

So much work got you there! I'm glad you had the most amazing time. I'm competely jealous, but you deserved it! Keep up with the awesome site!

on Friday, August 21st, Juan Pablo said

Omg!! you're so lucky Amando that u met sweet Lena ^.^ i'd love to have been in that fan meeting.. seems it was awesome!

on Friday, August 21st, Jo said

Ahhh! That looked like it must've been so much fun. I wish I could've been there so bad.

It sounds like you had fun. x)


on Friday, August 21st, cynthia said

she is so cute when she's talking about the forum ahhhhhhhh .....

on Friday, August 21st, cynthia said

waw gr8 pic!

on Friday, August 21st, Lina said

I wish I lived in LA , GOSH,,, Im so jeallus

on Friday, August 21st, Amanda said

Nichya, I divided the fan meeting content into three entries: photos, videos, and my experience. The second entry is for video and includes the Q&A part of the fan meeting.

on Friday, August 21st, Nichya said

nothing about you and I, or t.A.T.u.'s 3rd English Album? :(

on Thursday, August 20th, Amanda said

Renzo, leave me alone… When I am nervous, I repeat myself (three times?!).

on Thursday, August 20th, Renzo said

Say "AllMyLove.org" That's the website, "AllMyLove.org"... - O.o ?

Haha! Thanks for sharing all this Amanda!

on Thursday, August 20th, eliseo said

its the Best daayy eveeeeeeeer, even sponegebob was jealous!!LMAO.

on Thursday, August 20th, Amanda said

Fabian, thank you so much!!!

on Thursday, August 20th, Fabian said

Awesome pics, Amanda! :D And the video was cool. =]