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10/15/2009: "t.A.T.u. on Radio Alla"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

t.A.T.u.ís interview with Alla Pugacheva was broadcasted on October 15th, 2009. Click here to download the interview. Full translation will become available soon. Thanks to tebya_skuchayu and anneke (tatu.ru/forum).

Alla asks what happened in America.
Yulia says that they had conflicts with Ivan at some point, then problems with the record label and they stopped working in America, and that she and Lena then spent most of the time in Europe. But they do have fans in America, who want them to perform there.
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Alla is saying how you can hear t.A.T.u. everywhere, even abroad. They say they exist for 10 years already. They didnít celebrate because they were both working on their solo projects. They never had a big concert in Moscow, for example in Olympiyskiy stadion, because they were traveling to Europe and other places, but they did perform at Red Square.

Then they talk about happiness and Lena is saying how it all depends on how you see happiness, but she is happy enough. Yulia says that she has her closest people, her parents, her children and God gave her a chance to be successful and do the things that she likes. She is happy with the people who support her, everything else comes and goes.

What are they not happy about? Yulia says: Nothing. There are moments when things donít go well, some things happen, but it all passes, the most important thing is her family.

Then Alla asks what happened in America. Yulia says that they had conflicts with Ivan at some point, then problems with the record label and they stopped working in America and that she and Lena then spent most of the time in Europe. But they do have fans in America, who want them to perform there. They did perform at the Santa Barbara University. And they did go to Latin America, where they also had concerts and where they are popular. They never expected it, says Lena. Yulia is still surprised how people, in for example Japan, sing along with the Russian songs. Most songs were in English and they were worried about singing some songs in Russian, but people were especially asking for it. Lena says there are people that started studying Russian because of them, so that they could understand what they are singing in their mother tongue. Yulia is proud that they love them, their country and the Russian language.

*All About Us*

Alla says that she canít even listen to the song anymore haha. Alla mentioned that they used to portray lesbians and that at the same time this Swedish movie came out. Lena: Show me love. Yulia: From the very beginning our producer said that he had this idea for us. Lena: We even have a song Show me love.
Alla says that it was a clever idea and that good girls were chosen for it. Yulia says that they didnít have any problems with it. It was just an idea and they supported it. There are such people, lesbians, a gay culture. Itís good to help them, so that they donít have to hide themselves. Itís love. She had experiences with girls herself. There is this age of 14, 14 when you want to try everything. How it is to kiss a girl. It happened even seperately from Lena.
Alla: And then you tried boys.
They understood that they would create a scandal. They got different reactions. Ivan got a lot of angry letters. Yulia says that they didnít do anything bad, they only showed what already exists in the world. She says: Lena, what did your grandmother say to us? Lena: She said that if it had been a current thing in her time, she wouldíve been a lesbian, more interested in girls.

Itís Alla who says that itís being said that all people and all animals are bisexuals. Lena only repeats the question. Alla says that many just never discover it. Then she says some more about it that I don't understand.

Then about Veseliye Ulibki. They got to do what they wanted. They danced before, for their first album and started improvising later on. With their second album, they sang live, the music was live. With the first album people were saying that they couldnít sing, they just playbacked, but they themselves knew that they were able to sing live, so they got musicians. Once they even had the concert organiser coming up to them at a concert saying that he didnít like them live and that they were too loud. Haha. And they all agree that you need to adapt the performance a bit according to the country you are at.

*Running Blind*

Yulia says itís her favourite song on the album.

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on Sunday, October 18th, G said

YAWN!!! Are they EVER going to be interviewed by someone intelligent!?!? Or are they just going to answer the same tired old questions over and over again?!? Hopefully the next interview will be by someone who is more of a fan and has a more open mind ;)

on Friday, October 16th, Fabian said

I thought they were going to talk more, about "Waste Management" and "You and I". I'm still satisfied. :]

on Friday, October 16th, cynthia said

finally we can hear them together !! so cool :)

on Friday, October 16th, >_< said

stop bashing on Yulia!

on Thursday, October 15th, Me said

eh Nothing new but, haha, even Alla got bothered by Yulia's talking so much.

on Thursday, October 15th, ^_^ said


on Thursday, October 15th, Amanda said

Liz, unfortunately, a transcript is not available yet, but when it is, it will be posted.

on Thursday, October 15th, liz said

my computer is being lame. can anyone post a transcript of the interview?

on Thursday, October 15th, TaTyTu said

And thank u Amanda 4 uploading it.. i'm downloading right now
hope its in English ^.^

on Thursday, October 15th, Amanda said

Wow, how great it is to see (hear) them together again!