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10/30/2009: "Video: Yulia at Russian Fashion Week"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Yulia Volkova was interviewed at Russian Fashion Week on October 17th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Thanks to Dennis (tatu.ru/forum).

Do you already have a favorite song from the album?
From my solo album? Yes, I have. But which one? I will not tell.
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Yulia: All is good. I will soon be going to America to record my album. Both my husband [Parviz Yasinov] and I. He helps me.

Interviewer: Do you already have a favorite song from the album?
Yulia: From my solo album? Yes, I have. But which one? I will not tell.

Interviewer: What language will be the album be in?
Yulia: In Russian and English.

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on Friday, November 13th, Laya said

Hey Amanda ! One more time i'm commenting on your posts ! Thank you so much . You work so useful :) Can you plz upload the videos in your server ? They can be so useful and plz post them in tatu's forum . All the best
Laya <3

on Wednesday, November 11th, Brandon said


on Tuesday, November 10th, lol said

parviz is still dreamy as fuck

on Thursday, November 5th, Faiza said

uhh Eminem, she's not dead -_-...

on Wednesday, November 4th, Nano said

She looks fine ?
have you lost u r mind ?

on Wednesday, November 4th, Eminem said

R.I.P Yulia.....


on Tuesday, November 3rd, Faiza said

wow... almost 3 years haha i've lost my mind today i can't do math... i think yulia is slowly improving her looks since she started looking like a total plastic doll O_O now she looks a bit younger, and her hair is short again, all she needs to do is squeeze that shyt outta her lips and grow her eyebrows back :)

on Tuesday, November 3rd, Faiza said


She's pretty here how long have they been dating? O_O

on Tuesday, November 3rd, Faiza said

hahahhaa u guys! haha i think i've got laughing gas XD

on Tuesday, November 3rd, ANGRY said

Seriously stop talking about it. She looks fine.

on Tuesday, November 3rd, Karla said

Ughhh, i am never going to get over what she did to her lips!
She had such natural beauty, whyd she have to do that?! D:

I blame parviz -_-
He ruined her.

on Tuesday, November 3rd, b0n qu! qui said

y0U G0 gUrl!!!! lookin hawt ;]

on Tuesday, November 3rd, saeed said

i realy miss her 2005 face
with that beautiful make up
. . .

on Monday, November 2nd, G said

I'll say it again.. u look like a tacky little h00ker Yuli. Just stop! If you put your face on the cover of your solo record.. i wouldn't buy it. Infact i'm compelled to download it. Im incredibly disappointed.

on Monday, November 2nd, MiSs.Katina said

I miss the old Julia 4rom the bottom of my heart.. I'm so depressed.....

on Monday, November 2nd, dudy Malenka said

Is this is how sweet Julia became ?

on Monday, November 2nd, Maldini said

Is this is how sweet Julia became ?

on Monday, November 2nd, eliseo said

my girl!

on Monday, November 2nd, TaTyTu said

LOL Brandon, LMAO, I can't stop laughing xD

on Monday, November 2nd, cynthia said

lol brandon xD yes maybe that's his main job :P

on Monday, November 2nd, phoenix said

RemiRem .. oh my god .. for god sick stop you r so funny..!!

but guys to tell ya the truth .. yulia now looks like an arabian singer called (Yara)

on Monday, November 2nd, Brandon said

He probably helps her with ideas for where to put more plastic in her face. :P

on Monday, November 2nd, cynthia said

lol :P i really wonder what Parviz helps her with ? besides following her around ...

on Sunday, November 1st, RemiRem said

My the lips be with you <3

on Sunday, November 1st, Sarah said

The lips... the lips... OMG.. I can't stop thinking about the lips... I dreamed about them.. its a truly nightmare.

on Sunday, November 1st, LOL pengwin said

Yeah, she probably going 2 do a featuring song with triangle head parviz lol

on Sunday, November 1st, Faiza said

Is Botox permanent? cuz yulias lips sizes change a lot. and her forehead has it too??? can she remove it? lool i wonder who she works with now for her solo album cuz she said she has a favourite song already? but she didn't record it? O_O that doesn't make sense oh wells. i love her hair. and wtf parviz is in her music career too?? :S i wonder what he does..

on Sunday, November 1st, Kayla C. said

Yulia looks so pretty! I am so excited for her album!

on Saturday, October 31st, Colettio said

everyone knows Happy Smiles is NEEEVVEERR EVVEERRR coming out! right?

on Saturday, October 31st, Malow said

I think she did botox on his forehead =( So ugly. I can't recognize her.
By the way, i'm looking forward for her album ^^

on Saturday, October 31st, liz said

boy, i can't wait for jillian's album to come out!

oh wait, wrong person. never mind.

ps. i was being sarcastic!

on Saturday, October 31st, dan said

i got told happy smiles english album was being released today. let me guess... its been cancelled... rme :[

on Saturday, October 31st, cynthia said

finally some news about her solo career ! :)I agree with Brandon she looks gr8 much better in videos than pics

on Saturday, October 31st, TaTyTu said

I really want 2 see her without makeup :(

on Saturday, October 31st, Brandon said

She doesn't look as bad in a video as she does in pics with those lips, but they still aren't cool. D:

on Saturday, October 31st, john said

can't wait to see her work yulia is the best

on Saturday, October 31st, circe said

those pics don't do her justice, she looks great!

on Saturday, October 31st, circe said


on Friday, October 30th, Fabian said

Why?!?!?! They never want to tell! DX God they know how to make us crave a lot. xD

on Friday, October 30th, Sofia said

Ohhh my god, I hate to keep going on about it. BUT THOSE LIPS! And why are her eyelids so shiny and smooth? She looks a lot older than she should.

Awesome that she's gonna start on her new album c: I'd really like to hear her stuff.