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12/09/2009: "Information from Coqueiro Verde Records"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Coqueiro Verde Records released more information about t.A.T.u.’s current single “White Robe” and upcoming album “Waste Management” in Latin America. Thanks to regigigas1505 (tatu.ru/forum).

– “Waste Management” is gonna be released in all stores of Brazil – including online ones.

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– They say the “White Robe” was sent to MTV AND OTHER CHANNELS THAT STILL DIDN’T AIR IT along with notes about the release, so they also don’t know why the channels or websites still haven’t said anything about it. Maybe it’s because it wasn't released yet, but they are not sure.

– “White Robe” was sent to brazilian radios TODAY.

– They are planing marketing strategies for the girls in my country, so I guess Mr. Renski asked for it.

– MTV Latin America will receive the video through their partnership with Argentina, but no date was confirmed.

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on Saturday, December 12th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

LOL is it just me or am i the only person to notice the "thank to person"'s name was a pokemon?? lol

on Saturday, December 12th, Mia said

I can't believe it's delayed again. I'm waiting since BP was launched. :( I'm so sad. They should do a good-bye world tour or something.

on Friday, December 11th, Sparks1990 said

hey i was woundering their huge in the UK so why not give us their 4th LP release we got 200 KM/H IN THE WRONG LANE and DANGEROUS AND MOVING and they eveb released THE BEST here so why not getr WASTE MANAGEMENT as well can some one let me know please

on Friday, December 11th, tatulover said

vinicius where you read this news its not true the

on Friday, December 11th, Cassandra said

And what about france????:((((

on Friday, December 11th, Vinicius (vii_volkov) said

I'm sorry, but i meant Von Kilzer (A&R Senior Manager pf Coqueiro Verde Records), not Mr. Renski

on Friday, December 11th, Vinicius (vii_volkov) said

They delayed the release. They'll release the CD on January 10.

Mr. Renski said sorry for that =/. It was a problem on graphic.

on Thursday, December 10th, Mia said

I was wondering if WM is gonna be launched in Argentina the 15 th as well?

on Wednesday, December 9th, Kiki said

This is sad, why is it only in the south ? like arrrgg they are totally ruining this for me. I'm not even excited about anything related to it because they seem to totally not even care about this CD, which has potential and could be great if only the whole WORLD would have a chance at it ! :P

on Wednesday, December 9th, Fabian said

So... Does that mean all MTV's will probably show "White Robe"? :)

on Wednesday, December 9th, Sam said

I agree with Faiza, i wish they would release the album in Canada!

on Wednesday, December 9th, Faiza said

I don't mind t.A.T.u. not airing in canada, but I want the album here atleast... no singles from D&M were aired but we still got the album here for those who know tatu...

on Wednesday, December 9th, Jesus Moreno said

You know with all the soccer in brazil and now this lol I would totally want to move there and drive in my sugar cane powered car :)

on Wednesday, December 9th, M said

Is gonna be realesed in Argentina the 15th as well?

on Wednesday, December 9th, tatulover said

good news i wish white robe go to MTV international music channel vh1 and other international channel