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12/13/2009: "Chat with Lena Katina"

Source: Cherrytreerecords.com

Lena Katina chat with fans in Cherrytree Recordsí chat room on December 12th, 2009.

Lena: Guys, I love to answer question about t.A.T.u., just be more specific. WM Ė I really love this album. This LP is long-play and it is something new for us.

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Iím great, just woke up, drinking my first cup of tea.

Recording is great, I think we have a few new interesting songs for you.

Yes, I will meet Martin next week.

Label: will see in the nearest future...

I will come back to Moscow soon for short family break and will be back in LA again.

Julia is in Moscow now, she is fine, I will see her there.

Yes, we are friends.

Dean, to work with Martin was very exciting and he is very creative and talanted person. :-D

Guys, I love to answer question about t.A.T.u., just be more specific.

WM - I really love this album. This LP is long-play and it is something new for us.

There will be only new songs in my album.

Ohh, you are soooo welcome!

Yes, I like giraffes.

Vocal training is the development and improvement of what your vocal skills. My voice is still my voice.

I love LA, but the weather is not nice now. I hope itís getting better.

Moscow is home!!!

Elizabeth: I will

No, guys is not with me right now, Iím at my place.

All of the new songs in English so far.

Good bye, everybody, Iím gone! Kisses!!!

Replies: 18 Comments

on Saturday, December 19th, coco said

Rachel, wow, it looks so good! xD

on Saturday, December 19th, Rachel said

Of course she likes giraffes, just look at her new album!



My photoshop skills are fail :P

on Monday, December 14th, Brandon said

Aww, crap! I would've tried to be there! D:

on Monday, December 14th, Amanda said

Faiza, they said that it was announced on Cherrytree Records.

on Monday, December 14th, Marte said

Nooo I missed it!! Cause I just saw this now

on Sunday, December 13th, Faiza said

Amanda did ur friends say how they knew about the chat?

on Sunday, December 13th, Faiza said

agreed with coco :P Let's all stop hating giraffes!!!! Lena loves them :O

on Sunday, December 13th, Faiza said

Haha I actually found the giraffe's question funny. I'm assuming they asked what her's favourite animal, and giraffe is kinda random to me lol. I'm not so sure if it would be great if they announced it cuz there will be millions of fans bombarding her with questions... she might get agitated... Just hope u are lucky to find out bout the next chat on ur own ;)

on Sunday, December 13th, coco said

Iīm so glad she finally put a stop to those nasty giraffe-hater rumours...

on Sunday, December 13th, Fabian said

I agree with Cloudia and Amanda.
They should've announced something, and what the hell kind of questions are those?!
"I like giraffes" WTF?!

on Sunday, December 13th, Cloudia said

what was that ?! did anyone at least one person ask a decent question ?! all that was asked was practically crap, nothing abt the future works or anything abt her new album style or julias . . . ! i mean what the hell !

on Sunday, December 13th, Robbert said

Oh Amanda I bet you are furious! lol. i am. i would have stayed up all night to talk with her. and i think the reason why she didnt answer so many questions because she types slow in english. lol. too bad we cant get a refund Amanda! (meaning too bad we couldnt talk to her now and make up for it lol)

on Sunday, December 13th, tatulover said

whats this questions guys we need more questions about you and i and other thing

on Sunday, December 13th, Jesus Moreno said

@Amanda oh really that is awesome so I'm guessing this post has all the answers she posted? :) hahaha I wonder who asked her if she liked Giraffes.....hopefully we'll get another opportunity like this in the future.

on Sunday, December 13th, Amanda said

Jesus, yes, my friends Gary and Lauren were able to chat with Lena. They said that she did not answer many questions.

on Sunday, December 13th, Jesus Moreno said

@Amanda yeah I completely agree it sucks they didn't announce it :( I wonder if anyone on here got a chance to participate????

on Sunday, December 13th, Jesus Moreno said

lol yeah its cold in L.A. right now but I think she must be used to it :) Lena is so awesome and this interview now makes me more anxious for her new album I can't wait. It's interesting that so far all the songs are in English

on Sunday, December 13th, Amanda said

I think that they should have announced the chat with Lena on tatu.ru and/or Lena-Katina.com. Unfortunately, many fans missed the opportunity to chat with her, including myself.