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01/14/2010: "Version 7.0 of allmylove.org"

Source: allmylove.org

Welcome to version 7.0 of allmylove.org! Our layout was designed by Turn Back the Sun Designs, image-mapped by Gabriel and coded by us. Please, post a comment on our news and/or tagboard. Thank you for visiting.

When will you open yulia.allmylove.org?
We will as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is currently relatively little information about Yulia Volkova’s solo career – no news, photos, audio / video, etc.

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Will you post news about Yulia and Lena’s solo careers?
Yes and no. For Yulia Volkova, we will continue to post news until we have opened yulia.allmylove.org. For Lena Katina, we will post news on lena.allmylove.org.

What are your plans for allmylove.org?
In the near future: a photo gallery layout, a giveaway and more.

In the far future: we will continue to pay for our hosting and domain fees. We will use our main website as an archive of t.A.T.u. – news, photos, audio / video, etc.

Replies: 12 Comments

on Monday, January 18th, Me said

I hate this. It's so ugly and hard to read. I miss the pink one...

on Friday, January 15th, Luq said

I like Version 7.0 of allmylove.org

on Friday, January 15th, coco said

cool design! :)

although I must say white text against baby blue background is not the most reader-friendly choice.

on Thursday, January 14th, Only-t.A.T.u. [Agustina] said

heeeyy!!! Amanda amazing layout, I like this new stile!!! bye bye and good luck for the life of allmylove.org :)
Kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina,

on Thursday, January 14th, circe said

pretty, like the colors, kinda miss the old layout

on Thursday, January 14th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

OMG! I thought i wouldnt like ot but i do! its nice amanda! im loving AML more and more!

on Thursday, January 14th, Faiza said

I was right. I can feel the contrast between good and bad. Lena and Yulia through their struggles walk through the peaceful snowland. LOL I love it!!!

on Thursday, January 14th, Kayla C. said

wow! I Love it!!! It's gorgeous!

on Thursday, January 14th, YuliaBaby said

great layout =D well done Amanda! <3

on Thursday, January 14th, Vicente said

Congrats Amanda! ;)

on Thursday, January 14th, Kevin said

I like this new version, at first I didn't too much,but now I do, the only that changed on the site is the design, but that doesn't mean that it won't be the great site I always visit, congratulations, :)

on Thursday, January 14th, Flo said

Wow, that new layout is awesome! AllMyLove is getting better and better! Best t.A.T.u. fan-site <3