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02/25/2010: "Video: MUZ-TV interview (2.24.10)"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

MUZ-TV interviewed Yulia Volkova on February 24, 2010. She said that her debut single and music video will be released in the summer. Thanks to Dennis (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Sunday, February 28th, a•d•R•I•a•n™ said

I think that Yulia looked nice! she looked diffrent tho, but pretty! I think she did something with her hair? freakin wish there was subtitles :(

@ Jenn, LOL shut UP!! xD

@G, LMAO you know it! ;)

on Sunday, February 28th, Faiza said


on Saturday, February 27th, Me said

Jordan looks so nice.. o wait... xD
This summer? Yeah, right. I think all that plastic she is shoving into her face is messing with her lil brain! Oh noesss!

on Saturday, February 27th, jenn said

OHHHHHHHH! Burrrrrrrrrrn!

on Friday, February 26th, G said

stuck far up my arse??.. In YOUR dreams- loser! ;)

on Friday, February 26th, Sam G said

People are negative because they are only trying to avoid future disappointments. Its normal. Of course it will frustrate others but we have to learn how to deal with someone else point of view and consider what we say with good sense.
Sooo...lets go back to the interview!

on Friday, February 26th, a•d•R•I•a•n™ said

G, its good you dont care what I say nor do I think what youll say effect me but, Im just sayin, your always saying negative thing never positive ones! it seems like theres some thing stuck far up your ass!

on Thursday, February 25th, G said

Adrian: i say this in the nicest way- but ur interpretations of my comments dont really mean jack 2 me. tatu have been accused of being "negative" before- so i guess its all relative. And u seem 2 have overlooked the fact that im am always accurate ;)

on Thursday, February 25th, Faiza said

I love Yulia's actions xD and 0:53, her face expression was awesome XD made my day...

on Thursday, February 25th, jenn said

Adrian, you obviously haven't met Me.

Where is Me, anyway? I miss his/her comments.

on Thursday, February 25th, a•d•R•I•a•n™ said

@ G' Ive said this before, I love how your so blunt and to the point but you just post something negative! you sound like a bitter asshole! I can see what you mean! but Im sure iits not completly the girl's fualt for something not happening on its intended date! and you didnt have to shoot down tatulover's comment! Yulia is perfect to tatulover, not everyone only sees the flaws and bad things one does! Im really excited for Yulia! But Im npt sure if her video will come out in summer! She bearly gave a few details on her project and already she has a video in the works! I just wish for the best!

on Thursday, February 25th, G said

..yeh- she is incapable of keeping a schedule.. and if she was "perfect" she wouldnt go 2 such drastic lengths 2 alter herself.

on Thursday, February 25th, Sofia said


It would be nice if this happened! I'd like to hear and see what she comes up with on her own.

on Thursday, February 25th, Brian said


on Thursday, February 25th, Aurora said

Wow, Yulia looks really pretty in this video

on Thursday, February 25th, tatulover said

and i wish the song is good to be international single not just in russia

on Thursday, February 25th, tatulover said

yes they alwys do that but this time i think it will be released this summer am so excietd yulia is perfect

on Thursday, February 25th, Erick said

You know guys, don't kill me but I don't trust when Yulia and Lena says something..fo exaple when they made a confference press about movie and album "happy simles" never happened in the dates they said!!!
What about when they were going to release "waste managemente" album on 2007, never happened after two years more!
So I'm no excietd until I see this fact come true :)