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02/26/2010: "t.A.T.u. on Music Box Channel"

Source: Tatu.ru

28 February we’re announcing t.A.T.u. day at Music Box Channel.

All day long t.A.T.u. videos will be heavily played. All day long rare never-seen-before documentary pieces will be broadcasted. And starting from noon /Moscow time/ Lena Katina will chat with you in a TV chat.

You can also leave your questions at channel’s website.

You can watch Music Box ON-LINE.

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on Sunday, February 28th, G said

it's hard to tell these days Booboo

on Saturday, February 27th, BooBoo said

Is that Yulia? http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/58/28609191.jpg

on Saturday, February 27th, Writer said

AMANDA, if it isn't possible to find a working link, would you know anyone who would be able to record at least part of this marathon of TATU? Is that at all possible? i want to see this, regardless if its as it streams or afterward.

on Saturday, February 27th, Amanda said

Writer, that is not the correct link. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the links available online: they are listed as the Russian version, but they stream the Slovak/Czech version. But I will post the correct link if or when it is available.

on Saturday, February 27th, RemiRem said

Zhenya Voevodina:

Guys, can assure you that the album "WASTE MANAGEMENT" went throughout Brazil from January 25! A Feb. 1 release of records held in Argentina and Chile! It is also preparing to release in Colombia. Estimated date of the album's release in this territory - March 8. Come to our official website and forum - there is always fresh information about the group and girls in particular. http://www.tatu.ru/

Just recently we opened a site Lena Katina: http://lena-katina.com/

As to the solo projects: Lena Katina and her team, as musicians tATu, in Los Angeles for more than six months recorded a solo album. Done more than 9 tracks. Also, at the moment the guys are working on Lenin, the first "hit". Most good news: we work with Martin Kierszenbaum - the first man "Interscope Records" and "Cherrytree Records". First of all, he is known as an author and producer of their second album tATu "Dangerous And Moving" / "people with disabilities." The most vivid and sensational to work with artist Lady GaGa! But in the meantime, Julia Volkova time to celebrate its 25 anniversary ty and write in America 4 songs already for her solo project. A month will open the official site of Julia, and closer to the fly you in for a surprise - the first video / single from her debut album! But the most interesting things to wait for the transfer of "tATu files Top secret!" ;)

on Saturday, February 27th, Writer said

Try this. Its a bit wobbly in the beginning, but i think this is what we want....can anyone confirm that this is what we should all be watching tomorrow with a reply comment? Amanda?

on Saturday, February 27th, Gin said


on Saturday, February 27th, Anna said

Yah, agreed, there was another link on here last time, because the link posted doesn't work. Anyone know what i can do?

on Saturday, February 27th, Aryle said

The music box link doesn't work for me, is there somewhere I else I can watch it online? I live in the states, if that means anything.

on Friday, February 26th, G said

Once again, gorgeous Lena will be true 2 her fans- whilst yulia surely has "better things to do".

on Friday, February 26th, Faiza said

Oh...online...on sunday...well that's perfect >.> I have to study for my tests that day...Maybe I can multitask and hope for the best >:)

on Friday, February 26th, Faiza said

How does this work? :O live tv chat what? Who's chatting with her? How can we all chat with her? damn... what!!!!!
and everything's in russian :( I live in canada and don't have the channels to watch the rare videos?

on Friday, February 26th, jenn said


This is some purdy exciting stuff!

on Friday, February 26th, justas said

TV-chat? hmm i think i dont have that channel in television? or i could watch it online? IM SO EXCITED TOO :))

on Friday, February 26th, Ericka said

OMG.. omg!!! Who's excited!!! Anyone excited but me?!?