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02/28/2010: "Video: t.A.T.u. files top secret"


Exclusive footage was broadcasted on Music Box channel on February 28, 2010. Click here to view all of the videos on the official website.

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on Saturday, March 20th, discount glyset said

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on Monday, March 1st, Faiza said

Excited to see these videos! But my internet's crappin on me Dx won't load at all!...Maybe will work later >.>

on Monday, March 1st, rio said

i love the first video where yulia making faces and lena laugh is so funny , just gotta love em, never gets old :P love t.A.T.u

on Sunday, February 28th, G said

I think Lena could've chosen a more flattering jacket for herself- but otherwise is looking MORE stunning every year that goes by. Yulia's outfit is slick- but unfortunately does not make her look any less like a porn star (the sleazy fake kind ya'mee) lol

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