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03/03/2010: "Video: My t.A.T.u. collection"


I have created a short video of my t.A.T.u. collection. Click here to view my full collection.

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on Tuesday, March 16th, fzbregiksxd said

X6kkMt dffijcsjzskf, [url=]rfohieukrhdp[/url], [link=]msgnefdsdsws[/link],

on Thursday, March 4th, Faiza said

Where do u get so many cds? are they like from japan or something? lol

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Kayla C. said

wow!!!! That room is amazing! So much tatu everywhere, I love it! I'm super jealous of the poster at about 1:20

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Petr said

Great, Amanda. It looks gorgeous :-) And so many cds... :)

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Amanda said

Circe, I don't know why you cannot subscribe to our channel, because I did not block you, nor anyone else.

on Wednesday, March 3rd, circe said

I want to subscribe but I'm blocked.

on Wednesday, March 3rd, circe said


on Wednesday, March 3rd, panic_at said

Awesome o.o

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