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03/06/2010: "Request t.A.T.u.'s music video "Sparks""


Please, request t.A.T.u.'s music video "Sparks" to be released by Coqueiro Verde Records. Instructions: Send an e-mail or send a message to Coqueiro Verde Records. Note: You must write your message in English. Thanks to Ivan_de_Palma (

Replies: 3 Comments

on Monday, March 8th, G said

Totally Jenn!
Sorry girls- it's march 2010! time for some new tatu material.. then you get my vote..

on Sunday, March 7th, jenn said

Wait wait wait....we have to request for the video to be released? Oh dear.

on Sunday, March 7th, Tatulover said

I wishe T.A music released the video first in youtube channel we remember what happen with WR VIDEO