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03/06/2010: "Exclusive: "Sparks" (MZ Remix)"


MZ has released his "Sparks" remix from t.A.T.u.'s album "Waste Management" on Click here to download the file. It is the first "Sparks" remix available. MZ will continue to release his remixes exclusively on our website. Click here to view his offical PromoDJ page.

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on Tuesday, March 16th, sscmkppcfvi said

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on Wednesday, March 10th, PATRIASH said

220 (Boris Andreev Remix)


on Tuesday, March 9th, G said

And WHY couldnt he have put that effort into 220 mix?? PLEASE apply the appropriate russian accapella 2 this instrumental- and keep up the awesome work :)

on Sunday, March 7th, jenn said

It's funny listening to this with the media player because of all the lightening effects and shit. GET IT? SPARKS?

Anyway, cool remix! I don't know much about the remix community, but AML is opening my eyes to the whole thing. Interesting.

on Sunday, March 7th, vanhasadeathwish said

its been a long time since i heard such a good tatu remix~

on Sunday, March 7th, Ericka said

I love it except for the unfinnished echos that sound like Fuc-fuc-ffff..

hehe but it's great!!

on Sunday, March 7th, Laya said

Hey Amanda ! Thanks for the remix . I haven't listen it yet but i will soon .. Just wanted to thank you :)

on Sunday, March 7th, Gary said

Ryan, you are entitled to your opinion. But for us, and many others, it is everything special. MZ is one of the most recognized DJs in the t.A.T.u. community; he has had his work featured on t.A.T.u.'s official PromoDJ page. And to have him work with AML is an honor.

on Sunday, March 7th, Ryan said

ok i think the remix is good but i dont think its anything special :/

on Sunday, March 7th, EmilyJ said

Amazing. I think I like it better than the album version!

on Sunday, March 7th, Liana said

Amazing RMX. You've done a great work. It's very catchy. *thumbs up*

on Sunday, March 7th, Giulia said

Thanks so much Gary, Amanda and MZ!!! This remix is awesome, such a great job!!!

on Saturday, March 6th, Faiza said

good job

on Saturday, March 6th, Sen ♥'s AML said

Awesome vocals,awesome groove, awesome MZ!
Nice work Amanda, Gary and MZ!! You're the best :)

on Saturday, March 6th, Amanda said

Thank you, Victor (MZ). I hope that you realize everyone appreciates your work, including myself.)))

on Saturday, March 6th, tatufan2010 said

WOW GREAT!! This is the best thing ever!! Thank you so much Amanda and Gary and MZ!! ALLMYLOVE IS THE BEST!!!

on Saturday, March 6th, Lauren said

Amazing remix!