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03/07/2010: ""Sparks" music video release date"


Coqueiro Verde Records confirms that t.A.T.u.'s music video "Sparks" will be released next week. They stated in an e-mail, "Next week we will send "Sparks" to every music channel. [in Latin America]" More information is coming soon. Thanks to Ivan_de_palma (

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on Wednesday, March 10th, Cassandra said

A new video!! YES! I'm sad because it is the last t.A.T.u.'s video before they do their 4th album (if they do it). But I guess that it won't be broadcast in France...again -_-"

on Tuesday, March 9th, Pavel said

and Mexico ?

on Tuesday, March 9th, Philip said

what do you mean? its the same video like 220 with different lip synching, insider only said its slightly different cut

on Tuesday, March 9th, Robbert# said

they probably had the lyrics ready by then. And then just moved their mouths to an instrumental you all. lol. its not hard for them to do that. and plus i dont think itll be alot of singing. i think itll be more of sparks and fire haha

on Tuesday, March 9th, Philip said

i also thought of that but snowfalls was shot in their offices in moscow and 220 in LA, besides the stage was built for 220 I think in a studio

on Tuesday, March 9th, tatulover said

maybe they record the video when they was shot snowfalls (same clothes)

on Tuesday, March 9th, Philip said

but how is it possible that its with them lipsynching in english? the 220 video was shot in march or so in 2008, but sparks was recorded in the middle of 2009...

on Tuesday, March 9th, Mel said

that's AWESOME news!
i can't wait!

on Monday, March 8th, sparks190 said

hey cant wait for the video and to all the people guessing if you read news a few months ago when it was annoued Sparks has a video coming you would remember it saying something about the video being filmed with different scenes from the 220 video :) just saying what i read lol xx

on Monday, March 8th, jenn said

Actually, the girls WILL be lyp-synching in English for this video. So says Insider.

on Monday, March 8th, tatulover said

yes Courtney the video like attss thats not good but its the english version am happy

on Monday, March 8th, Courtney said

So did they actually shoot an English version with English lipsync? Or is this gonna be like ATTSS with it being the Russian version and just edited differently to show less Russian "220" lipsync?

on Sunday, March 7th, Liz said

Lol @ fabio. I'll play it too!

on Sunday, March 7th, Fabio said

...And now we play the waiting game... :[

on Sunday, March 7th, Sam G said

Next week "this week" or neeeeeext week (14/03)?

on Sunday, March 7th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

OMG!...I jizzed myself...

on Sunday, March 7th, Juan Pablo said

omg awesome news!!! i can't wait to watch it!!! hope it'll be able to watch on MTV Latin America ;) that'd be really nice!!!!

on Sunday, March 7th, tatulover said

and i wish the video sent to all channel i want it in tv not youtube

on Sunday, March 7th, tatulover said

yes its great news i wish they dont delayed the release wow wow finaly

on Sunday, March 7th, Faiza said