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03/28/2010: "My interview with t.A.T.u. Lovers magazine"


Fan-made magazine t.A.T.u. Lovers "interviewed" me in their latest issue. They asked questions about my fansite, my collection and my meeting with Lena Katina. Click here to download the issue in PDF format. Or, click here to download the interview in JPG / ZIP format.

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on Thursday, April 1st, K. said

I loved this interview!!!
Really cool, Amanda is an amazing, wonderful, beautiful girl! :)

on Tuesday, March 30th, jenn said

D'awww, you look so adorable!

Lord knows where my first 200 KM/H copy is. I swear I bought that album over 3 times, and I'm not even a collector!

on Sunday, March 28th, circe said

I told you Amanda, you're a celebrity fan lol Congratulations! it was a good article/interview. The same thing happened to me when I got my 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane! It's still cracked lol

on Sunday, March 28th, Juan Pablo said

wow interesting interview amanda!! i really like it ^^

on Sunday, March 28th, Amanda said

I promise that I did not intentionally write pseudo-intellectually for this interview... I do that all of the time. ;p

on Sunday, March 28th, RemiRem said

I'm always impressed with Amanda's intelligence! Good talkin' girl!! ;))

on Sunday, March 28th, easya8483 said

Wow, cool stuff! Downloading...