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03/31/2010: "Video: Lena Katina's rehearsal"


Piece of Lena's rehearsal in Los Angeles.

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on Saturday, April 3rd, liz said

kick ass lena!

on Friday, April 2nd, Sofia said

Okay, I'm excited. Summer and Lena's album just can't come fast enough!

on Thursday, April 1st, Aryle said

Speechless. INCREDIBLE. She's so amazing! Lena could sing me the phonebook and I'd make it my favorite song.

on Thursday, April 1st, a•d•R•I•a•n said

Lena is so wonderful! I have such high hopes for her! I couldnt hear the song well but I doubt its one of her singles

on Thursday, April 1st, ErAlP said

What can be said that?
Nothing... Just beautiful words.
Lady Katina is really wonderful...

on Thursday, April 1st, RemiRem said

Lena also played piano in h
ow soon is now~

on Thursday, April 1st, cynthia said

amazing rehearsal ^_^ I love it <3

on Wednesday, March 31st, Veronika said

I think this song will be Lenka's hit. :)

on Wednesday, March 31st, Katie said

Beautiful, just... so perfect. Lena is going to bloom as a solo artist and amaze the world. <3

on Wednesday, March 31st, Circe said

She always knew how to play because in the behind the scenes pt.1 they said both Yulia and Lena can play and in the making of friend or foe pt.3 video she played with Yulia and I'm sure there are many clips and places she said she did.

on Wednesday, March 31st, TaTyTu said

I don't know whether if she know how 2 play the piano or she just learned how to play it.

on Wednesday, March 31st, RemiRem said

LMAO! Sven Starts to play Not Gonna Get Us, and he's like, "Oh, wrong song".


on Wednesday, March 31st, Yulia from the UK said

I think this song is beautiful - who wrote it and also what is it's title?

I am so excited for Lena's first solo album, I am sure it will be magical!

You are a very talented singer and a mind blowing, great, wonderful pianist!

I send you all my love luck and wishes and support with your career!

Wish I was able to see you is USA but I live in the UK and can't make it, but I hope it goes well for you!

Much Love