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04/02/2010: "Video: Lena Katina live in Los Angeles"


Lena Katina performed t.A.T.u.'s songs "Fly On The Wall" and "Craving" on March 31, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Thanks to Flo (

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on Wednesday, April 7th, tatyfoerever said

lena rocks!!!!!!!!!!

on Monday, April 5th, circe said

I see this video all over youtube, I wanna know who originally recorded it and if there is more, or at least what else they played there. did say she was performing this day in L.A. but nothing about where....

on Sunday, April 4th, Aryle said

I need some new adjectives. Incredible and amazing just aren't doing it anymore! She's just so...amazingly incredible!? Why didn't we know she was playing!? I was in LA!!!

on Sunday, April 4th, Faiza said

:O damn how do people know when the tatu girls are performing? I got no notice of this!

on Sunday, April 4th, EmilyJ said

Craving was amazing.

on Sunday, April 4th, Ryane said


I adore this rendition of Craving. Her voice sounds great.

on Saturday, April 3rd, a•d•R•I•a•n said

I saw the video! and I didnt really like Fly on The Wall but I loved Craving! Imma look for the original version!

on Saturday, April 3rd, jenn said

Shit, I wish I could fix the sentence below.

on Saturday, April 3rd, jenn said

Like I've said 1,000,000 times and a half times before, you guys suck. I LOVE Craving and I LOVE Martian Eyes.

on Saturday, April 3rd, liz said

that is awesome. acoustic sets are so much better than eletronics. keep up the good work lena!

on Friday, April 2nd, Robbert said

I know this wasnt all she preformed! she had a setlist for her new songs. this makes me mad. i wanna hear her new stuff before i go see her in concert!

on Friday, April 2nd, a•d•R•I•a•n said

OMFG!!! Is there a video to this?!?!? Im on my DSi and videos dont come out!! D: OMG! I wanna see Fly On The Wall!!! and Ive never really like Craving much, nor did I ever truly heard it well... hehe :3

on Friday, April 2nd, Francisco said

I never liked the song Craving, but wow did this change my mind =O

on Friday, April 2nd, RemiRem said

Graving was done wonderfully!

on Friday, April 2nd, Sofia said