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04/03/2010: "AllMyLove.Org easter egg hunt"


Due to the success of our previous scavenger hunt, we have decided to do an easter egg hunt. We have placed 10 digital easter eggs throughout our website. Each of them contain 1 mystery exclusive HQ photo. You must search through our 80+ pages, excluding our sub-domains (e.g. photo gallery.) Good luck, everyone!

Start date: April 4 at 12:00 AM (CST)
End date: None

Replies: 19 Comments

on Tuesday, April 6th, randomer said

Oops... sorry to forget to mention great site! :D love the hiding Easter eggs :P

on Tuesday, April 6th, randomer said

Thanks Amanda for your answer!!! :D Just as curious I'm I have to ask you one more thing: how do you contact the photographer? I JUST LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE (it's my favourite anyway)the photoshoot for the Russian magazine FHM/ Spanish/Italian magazine Rolling Stone ano 2003 and have always wondered where to get (or see) all the pictures from that shoot... I do like the ones you have posted on your site but have seen people who have icons with pictures from that photoshoot I have NEVER seen before and would really like to own (sse) them... (sorry for my long message and language. I hope you understood what I was saying/asking :)!)

on Tuesday, April 6th, Cassandra said

Wow! L´┐Żna is shouting! Not bad=)
And Yulia is perfect, it reminds me the beginning of t.A.T.u....<3

on Tuesday, April 6th, Easya said

Still finding the last one...

on Monday, April 5th, Amanda said

Randomer, I usually buy the photos from photographers. But these specific photos were given to me by Sergey (nfne).

on Monday, April 5th, randomer said

Amanda where do you get all this rare and hq stuff from?

on Monday, April 5th, Daniel said

I Can't Find them Anywhere ='[

on Sunday, April 4th, Valentina Music 92 said

Found them all!It took me 20 minutes ca.! :D Thank you very much,they are very rare. <3

on Sunday, April 4th, Sam G said

Great idea Amanda! Thank you!

by the way,I found 9

on Sunday, April 4th, Amanda said

Congrats, guys. But remember that there are 10 eggs. Keep searching!

on Sunday, April 4th, jana said

mee to :D

on Sunday, April 4th, Angeles said

I FOUND IT!! ^_^

on Sunday, April 4th, jana said

thanks :)

on Sunday, April 4th, Amanda said

Jana, do you mean 'big' as in pixels? They are 64x125 pixels. So, they should be easy to see. :-)

on Sunday, April 4th, Jana said

How Big Are theese eggs? :)

on Sunday, April 4th, Only-t.A.T.u. [Agustina] said

Thank Amanda for this game, and was very funny work with Ira on it.
Thank and happy easter :)

Kisses from: Only-tatu [Agustina] and Ira V :)

and as talk my friend We found the 10 pictures in less 1 hour. :)
good luck

on Sunday, April 4th, Ira V. (tebya_skuchayu) said

This is such a great idea and the pictures are just amazing! It was so fun! We've found them all :D
Thank you so much for this Amanda! *rose*

From Argentina with love,
Ira & Agustina <3

on Saturday, April 3rd, a•d•R•I•a•n said

LOL @ Jenn haha!

This is so cute! and Im too lazy! plus Im on my DSi... My DSi cant compete against everyone else's computers... :/ sniff sniff

and how does Amanda have these photo that we havent seen? creepy...

on Saturday, April 3rd, jenn said


Well, I guess I have something to do while I wait for my ipod to recharge!