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08/11/2010: "AllMyLove.Org giveaway"


We are pleased to announce that Senday from Spain has won "Not Gonna Get Us" limited-edition promotional 12" vinyl. Congratulations, Senday! And thank you to everyone who entered!

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on Sunday, August 15th, Curious one said

Because I REALLY wanted that magazine! :( It's my favourite photoshoot since I really love their shirts and I think spreading the message was/is important :)which bring me to another quetion where did you get those pictures that aren't from the magazine? :O I would like do anythin(!) for all the pictures taken from that photoshoot...

-sorry for my english-

on Sunday, August 15th, Csaba said

Congrats Sen, you are lucky! :)

@Amanda: That was the plan.. XD Unfortunately I must make another one for the next giveway, this failed. :D

on Saturday, August 14th, G said

i always loved this cover- they both looked so gorgeous *

on Saturday, August 14th, NaOH said

Ohhh gracias Kevin una y otra vez!!! :) te quiero mucho mi DUM :)

on Saturday, August 14th, Kevin said

felicidades Senday! ^^ te quiero mucho y estoy más que feliz de saber que una amiga mía ganó, antes que otro. LUV YA!

on Saturday, August 14th, Amanda said

Curious one, yes, it was a little over 200. Why? :)

on Saturday, August 14th, Laya said

Gongrats :)

on Saturday, August 14th, Curious one said

And congrats Senday! :D

on Saturday, August 14th, Curious one said

Just out of curiosity but Amanda do you remember how many competitors there were when you held a give-away for the FHM magazine 2003!? :O

on Saturday, August 14th, NaOH said

Thanks everybody! (I'm Senday) :) I wish so luck to everybody next time :)

on Saturday, August 14th, javierjesus said

Congrats Senday!!!!

on Saturday, August 14th, Amanda said

We wish we had 326 vinyls for all of our 326 submissions!

on Saturday, August 14th, Aryle said

Ahhh, oh well.

Congrats Senday!!

on Saturday, August 14th, Arran said

Awww dayumm, i never win anything!!
I cant get any t.A.T.u. things here in canada..

Anyway, congrats!

on Saturday, August 14th, Amanda said

Csaba, phew - close one!

on Saturday, August 14th, Csaba said

Submitted just before deadline - the new tactic, haha :)

on Friday, August 13th, Karan said

Plzz give it to me............. i m a die-hard fan of t.A.T.u. and this site.............................. nd might be the only fan from my city..!!

on Friday, August 13th, Amanda said

I just received this giveaway submission in my e-mail:



Good luck, everyone!

on Friday, August 13th, Juan Pablo said

wow wow i submited!!! omg what an awesome giveaway!!! thanks amandaaa!!! :D XOXO

on Thursday, August 12th, Amanda said

Sammie, I already have this item in my personal collection. All of the items in our giveaways are duplicates or re-purchases of items I already have.

on Thursday, August 12th, Sammie said

Since it's so rare, why give it away though? Do you have more than one copy?

on Thursday, August 12th, Sofia said

Holy &%*^! This is really really cool. Super wow! I am definitely entering this one.

on Thursday, August 12th, J3sUsD said

Fuck yeah I want an online business

on Thursday, August 12th, vampirevolkova said

this is the one I am missing, fingers crossed I win - :-) This is such an amazing item! Amanda you rock!

on Thursday, August 12th, Aryle said

WOW! Thanks Amanda, this is awesome!

on Thursday, August 12th, jenn said

Do I have an online business (or do I want one?) heheheh.

THANK YOU AMANDA! You truly are a Saint.

on Wednesday, August 11th, Amanda said

I can't put enough emphasis on the rarity of this item. I remember reading that it was limited to 500 copies, but I cannot confirm it with a source. But it took me 4 1/2 years to find my own copy and it cost $60 dollars (including another item).

on Wednesday, August 11th, G said i sense Yulia news looming ??? :P ha ha ha

on Wednesday, August 11th, fi said

Whoa.. thanks Amanda! This is really cool. I didn't expect ANY site to give away such great items without there always being a something in return last minute kind of thing -__-"

on Wednesday, August 11th, Fabian said

Good luck everyone.
And thank you, Amanda, for having these giveaways. :)

on Wednesday, August 11th, Amanda said

Ira, thank you for your kind words!

on Wednesday, August 11th, Ira V said

Thanks a lot for the chance Amanda! You always choose such amazing items for the giveaways, never saw any other site doing so! It's something to admire and appreciate =)