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08/05/2010: ""Snowfalls" on MTV Brazil"


t.A.T.u.'s music video "Snowfalls" will premiere on MTV Brazil's "MTV Access" at 13:00 (Brazilian time) on August 9, 2010.

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on Saturday, August 7th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Music videos dont need to have high budgets to be good. Spraks is my favorite t.A.T.u. video :D Snowfalls was okay. And I think t.A.T.u. management put it on there sense they saw what the fans did and helped Sparks get to the top. So I guess they want us fans to do the same for Snowfalls?

on Saturday, August 7th, Karan said

hope, promoting waste management open t.A.T.u.'s eyes nd they form again..!! :)
snowfall was not as good as sparks..
but still show love for t.A.T.u. even in brazil!! :))

thnx Amanda for constantly providing latest t.A.T.u. newzz!!

on Friday, August 6th, jake sarson said

Sparks was not that bad, the video was done in a quirky way and was cool how they blended the 2 videos together. Have to agree to snowfalls, they did a bad job on the video.

on Friday, August 6th, tatulover said

or Maybe they release it as the third single in brazil

on Friday, August 6th, Francisco said

Maybe there doing it because how successful the Sparks video was...I don't know. Don't really see a point for it.

on Thursday, August 5th, tatulover said

am happy they still in TV

on Thursday, August 5th, creeper said

Do you think tatu (T.A. music) needs money ,and that's the reason they're premiering the rubbish video in brazil?

on Thursday, August 5th, G said

I dont see the point in dragging Waste Management along any further. If they want to promote tatu- they should start acting like tatu. Interesting

on Thursday, August 5th, creeper said

By the way, snowfalls is a pretty bad video. The "sparks" video,and the "snowfalls" video seem low budget. Specially the sparks video.

on Thursday, August 5th, creeper said

barely ? why just now? it's been on line for a long time!