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08/27/2010: "Gallery Update: Lena Katina photoshoot [HQ]"


We have uploaded an exclusive high-quality scan to our photo gallery. Thanks to Andrew (

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on Saturday, August 28th, cvw220 said

I wish I had one/been there

on Saturday, August 28th, Karan said

OMG.... she is so gorgeous.. SeNoRiTa..!! <3 it..:))

on Saturday, August 28th, Benny said

She's such a beauty *_*

on Friday, August 27th, G said

People will steal anything on the net, and seldom credit it. I dont think its that big-a-deal: anyone within the community (with any intelligence) will no-doubt know to come to AML first. I love that AML makes everything available to the fans! Keeps tatu alive, and gives us hope. Lena- SO radiant, lovely breasts :) haha

on Friday, August 27th, Sami said

What a beauty. :)

on Friday, August 27th, Eimi said

She is simply gorgeous <3

on Friday, August 27th, Kevin said

Thank you, and I wish that person you've told me won't publish your thing with no permission and without giving credits.