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09/01/2010: "Gallery Update: Waste Management [HQ]"


High-quality photos from 'Waste Management' photoshoot.

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on Tuesday, September 7th, Roshanak said

I'm Iranian girl .I heart on of your music.That is very nice.
I can't speak English very well but I try .
I have a web log I will happy when you com to my web log or sent email to me. is it's nsme.
I love you very much.

on Thursday, September 2nd, G said

P.S a little bit over-kill on the photoshop though

on Thursday, September 2nd, G said

Reminds me SO much of the 200 по встречной days!! :D Lena looks stunning as usual despite her "derelicte" styling.. and Yulia was SO pretty before she decided to F**K herself up!! *tear* My faves are the ones Amanda chose for the news story above & the one featured on pdj.

on Wednesday, September 1st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I some how knew it was Fabian who said that comment lol I think "hobo" gave it away :P

And I LOVE these pics!

on Wednesday, September 1st, Fabian said

Fucking love their hobo pictures.