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02/01/2011: "Lena Katina concert cancelled"


Lena Katina's concert at the Cotton Bowl on February 3 has been cancelled.

"Our Friday and Saturday are packed, but Thursday didn't sell anything," Hajibashi said. "I understand that everybody in Dallas is a last-minute ticket buyer, but unfortunately with only 13 tickets sold four days out, we couldn't invest an additional $100,000 dollars. We couldn't have a 6,000-square-foot space with 100 people in it. It kind of makes us sad because we were really trying to do an event for the GLBT community. Everybody else is focused on the sports angle and things like that, so we're disappointed that we didn't get any attention."

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on Thursday, March 3rd, Sébastien Montréal said

Were they really 250$ ??? I guess you're kidding...

on Wednesday, February 9th, PH said

the ticket price was 250 dollars. even if I was living in Dallas i wouldnt go. And I think many people would have gone there with promotion and cheaper tickets

on Tuesday, February 8th, reza said

no you are wrong,lena left yulia.
we both know that lena left yulia because lena beleivs that yulia doesn,t want to work for a while so lena left yulia for work.
shame on lena.
with this work lena even destroyed herslf.
now they have nothing dude.

on Monday, February 7th, mickel said

if yulia work alone i well not see her any more or if she didn't cut her hair lol XP

on Monday, February 7th, lisa said

i think the problem bcuz first yulia change her style and with style like that is normal evry singer just like her style now the old yulia was so special and tatu was lisbeans but not any more coz yulia marred prabitch and shes a mom now and so many ppl love 2 see 2 cute lisbeans thay want 2 see something special like tatu but tatu r gone :?( thats the real thing

on Monday, February 7th, Bell said

"when yulia need lena,lena left yulia for nothing."

What the hell are you talking about? Lena didn't do shit to Yulia. They parted ways because of creative differences--they wanted to do their own careers. Yulia decided to leave first because of feuds with Boris. There's no betrayal or abandonment involved, as you're implying.

on Sunday, February 6th, reza said

a.d.r.i.a.n we are saying the same thing.
what i am saying is that they haven,t have that fame since they split up and they cant ever been successfuul in their carier.
all together i love yulia

on Sunday, February 6th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Reza, I think you got the names mixed up... LOL Plus, none of the girls have even gotten that much more known since their t.A.T.u. times!

Well, maybe Julia, sense she's out doing TV show appearances.

I hope Lena actually promotes this album <3

on Sunday, February 6th, G said

(YEAH! Lena totally betrayed Lena! F'cken backstabber! LMFAO!!)

on Sunday, February 6th, honey bee said

she has pissed off...

on Sunday, February 6th, reza said

of course lena betrayed lena for fame and more work.they got famous with each other but suddenly when yulia need lena,lena left yulia for nothing.
you tell me why?

on Saturday, February 5th, Mike said


Oh how ironic lmao

on Saturday, February 5th, Mike said

Reza is offically the most retarded tatu fan (psh, more like yulia fan lol). Lena betrayed yulia? yeah, ok.

on Saturday, February 5th, reza said

that is a good news.
lena will fall these days she betrayed yulia for fame but she earned nothing but canceling her concerts.

on Thursday, February 3rd, KP said

This doesn't reflect Lena's career whatsoever. It's not her or the band's fault that this happened.

on Wednesday, February 2nd, Daisy said

Sad :( But how long we have to wait. We want to see a video, album etc... When they were t.A.T.u., that was so much better!!

on Wednesday, February 2nd, Daniel said

Well what did they expect, she doesn't have a single,a video or an album...

t.A.T.u.'s momentum in the US didn't last very long and was a looooong time ago.

This does not surprise me at all.

on Tuesday, February 1st, Elise said

I'm in agreement with both G and Zarada. This is disappointing, even though I wasn't actually attending the concert because of distance etc, I was looking forward to it. This is no fault of Lena's though.

on Tuesday, February 1st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Aww, poor Lena! I hope she gets new gigs soon!

I want her to debut a new song :(

on Tuesday, February 1st, zarada said

Has nothing to do with Lena's solo career it has to do the promoters...... She wasn't the only act.

on Tuesday, February 1st, G said

Pffft! This has absolutely nothing to do with the direction of Lena's career creeper- what a stupid cop-out

on Tuesday, February 1st, Cheburashka said

That really sucks! I sure hope they refund the tickets coz I bought a backstage pass and a plane ticket to dallas from mexico and that wasn't cheap at all =/....

on Tuesday, February 1st, creeper said

Just goes to show how pathetic Lena's solo career is going. I'm not saying her music is bad, but her career isn't going well.

on Tuesday, February 1st, Fabian said

That's a shame.
So everyone is getting a refund and all?

on Tuesday, February 1st, G said

Booo! Get-your-act together ppl!

on Tuesday, February 1st, Writer said

I"LL BUY 6,000 TICKETS LENA!!! :( This is sad.