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02/06/2011: "t.A.T.u. Waste Management Remixes"

Source: Waseem Faraz Butt (Manager of Baraka)

t.A.T.u. are going to release their latest and most definetely their last ever Album Release which will be a Remix Compilation comprised of the winners from the Kroogi Remix Contest launched by Lena Katina. Arriving 14th February this Year!

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Recently following initial Signings of Paperwork and Contracts by T.A. Management and Winners of the Remix Contest the Release has finally been given license to follow through, resulting in this February's unveiling. The Release will mainly be Digital through itunes and other popular Digital platforms, however there is to be a very limited number of CD's for sale once available.

Originally the Remix Compilation was set to be composed of 14 tracks by the legitamate winners of the Remix Contest, with "Time of the Moon Baraka Remix" set to be the last and final track of 14 in the album listing. - I was really happy!

However, after the competition ended, t.A.T.u. later announced that 2 extra tracks, were to be added to the album release. And so unfortunately Baraka were later denied the last track spot. Still however I am really happy that the remix is still in fact on the album, and technically the remix is still the last track from the Kroogi Remix Contest.

At first upon hearing the announcement of the winners, Me and Dmitry were really happy that at least on of our tracks made it on the album. The prospect of being on Iconic Russian legend t.A.T.u's last album is a nice honour. And so with or without the last track spot, it was an assured victory for Baraka to be on that album.

The Album Release is scheduled for 14th Feburary this year. And so when it comes, keep an eye and ear out for Time of the Moon Baraka Remix ;)

I hope you all have a nice February!

Waseem Faraz Butt
Manager of Baraka

["*Time of the Moon Baraka Remix*" was composed by Dmitry Evsikov, Raivo Stasans and Artem Sarvi.
"Time of the Moon Baraka Remix" is held by t.A.T.u. as the rightful copyright owners and have full rights to this song.
Information concerning the scheduled release for February 14th 2011 maybe be subject to change until it's final launch which may or may not occur on that date.]

Replies: 14 Comments

on Monday, March 28th, .. said

Waste Management Remixes CD available to buy yet?

on Tuesday, February 15th, Sweeti3 said

"most definetely their last ever Album Release"

UGH. Hearing that seriously makes my heart ache......

on Saturday, February 12th, Alfredo said

Hola !! disculpen, alguien save si la version en inglÚs de la cancion: "Prostie Dvizhenia" estara incluida en este cd??

on Wednesday, February 9th, Mark said

hey can i just apologise for my words i just re-read them and they came out in the rong way so sorry for the mis typing by me :) xx

on Wednesday, February 9th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Mark, no one talks about Simple Motions in order to entertain others.

Me, like others, are hopeful that we can hear it in our life time lol

It may some how leak but I doubt it would come out that way.

on Tuesday, February 8th, Cookies said

I think Gary ment that AML never lies

on Tuesday, February 8th, Mark said

i see someone said about the english version of Prostie Dvizhenia if u paid any attetion t.A.T.u. have said the company they was with when they recorded it will not realse it and they do not know why so all the requests for it is getting a tad boring!!!

And gary they do not lie as alot of things they have said i have found came true so if u want to be negative why bother to visit this site when i think AML do a fantastic job and if something doesn;'t go to plan its not their fault as they can't make t.A.T.u.'s management do stuff

on Tuesday, February 8th, Gary said

Nothing on AML lies.

on Tuesday, February 8th, reza said

i told u several times after lena break up with yulia they got nothing,now they are nothing but 2 ordinary woman.
but i love yulia even she would be a ordinary woman

on Monday, February 7th, Bella Lockhart said that 2 new t.A.T.u. songs, or 2 extra remixes?

Oh God, I hope it's two new songs. My first thought was that it could be the English version of Prostie Dvizheniya, "A Simple Motion"!!

I'm getting ahead of myself. But I'm hopeful :D

on Monday, February 7th, ....... said

so is this true or is it just triffle?

on Monday, February 7th, Oichibay! said

What are the 2 extra tracks? Do we know or is it a surprise? And if we know, are they new or just new remixes?

on Monday, February 7th, Fallen_Dream said

Anybody knows will be there a cd-dvd release with last music videos?...

on Monday, February 7th, G said i other words- we shouldnt take any statements by t.a.t.u with a grain of salt... Or am i only just fully appreciating this fact?