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02/24/2011: "Julia Volkova - "Woman All The Way Down" and "Rage""


Julia Volkova performed her new songs "Woman All The Way Down" and "Rage" at her birthday party on February 20, 2011 in Moscow, Russia.

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on Friday, April 8th, lenaANDyuliaFAN4ever said

I can't believe how hard everyone is being on her. The style isn't more provocative than what t.A.T.u was back in the day. Her English is bad, but her voice is still pretty and the instrumentals are rocking.

Though the end summary is Yulia will never be as good without Lena...and Lena will never be as good without Yulia :(

on Wednesday, March 30th, oo said

Wow. She really can't sing. This is just sad to watch. I feel embarrassed for her. The songs are terrible, the dance is horrible...I would not buy this or pay to see this.

on Wednesday, March 23rd, Neil Ronie said

The instrumental is actually not that bad but I would defiantly prefer her singing in russian than in english. I'll wait until the final version to see where this goes...

on Thursday, March 17th, S.H said

someone help me!!!
I do not know how can I download this new song "woman all the way".
pls send me a site address.TNX

on Saturday, March 12th, dAnnIEla said

and she looks so beautiful but ....

on Saturday, March 12th, dAnnIEla said

and she looks so beautiful but ....

on Saturday, March 12th, dAnnIEla said

wow, she needs Lena. Her english is so bad. But I love her so much hehe

on Friday, March 11th, Mary said

She looks pretty :D I kinda like the song but to be honest its a bit hard to understand with that accent...she should totally do something for it cuz its the thing that keeps the song from being perfect... besides the striper pole... she doesnt need that!

on Wednesday, March 9th, Sébastien Montréal said

Her english accent is very bad, I do agree...and it is not the kind of bad accent that sounds "cute"...

If it wasn't a question of market, Yulia definively should have done an exclusive Russian album. SHE IS the best in Russian.

When she lays down (to be sexy I guess), she has absolutely no sensuality and it looks like moves that she learned 5 minutes before.

I don't really know what kind of person Yulia is, but this performance makes me think that she is not perfectionnist enough and gives no matter to details.

BUT, thinking that she needs Lena is completely silly! Lena may have a better accent but she still sings like a teenager and I really don't know what she could do more than Yulia.

Still hoping that this is not the finished product. I love Yulia so much... Hope she's not reading our comments, but I tried to be constructive...

on Tuesday, March 8th, Courtney said

On the bright side, she could make a killing being a stripper. Her English is worse than it used to be, if you are going to attempt to make a solo English album at least make a half-ass attempt to work on your English.

on Tuesday, March 8th, Courtney said

Oh my god... That is not even singing, it's TALKING. Plus she is lip-syncing her talking.

Julia needs Lena like Charlie Sheen needs a total makeover! ...aka pronto.

on Sunday, March 6th, G said glad ppl finally seem to be catching on...

on Sunday, March 6th, Ivan said

this is so baaaaaaaad! what the hell is this kind of noise?

on Monday, February 28th, liz said

trevor bayne winning the daytona 500 > yulia's "singing".

on Monday, February 28th, emilyj said

what the hell is this trash?

on Sunday, February 27th, shayan said

wwwwwwooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. julia is the best. look at that

on Friday, February 25th, Nika Danilko said

Haha. A stripper pole? Really? Skanky...

on Friday, February 25th, Sébastien Montréal said

I'm waiting for the album to get an opinion. These 2 songs are good but they sound a little bit normal...t.A.T.u.'s songs were ALL special. I don't mean that I wanted her to be exactly like t.A.T.u. but as good as...or better.

What I was expecting the most is to hear again her powerful russian voice, getting hoarse when singing high notes... but I'm still waiting.

Anyway, I'm not deceived yet, just waiting...

on Friday, February 25th, unhappy said

this is . . . Normal ! where are the deep lyrics, where are the high beats !

Im afraid Yulia wont pull it off without Lena, dont worry guys, they will be back together again :) if this keeps up

on Friday, February 25th, MA-sha said

@kittyk -
I said the exact same thing.
Gosh. She is so fake. I mean, the song is alright. I'm going to be honest. If I get the chance to put it on my iPod, I probably will! I'm not a big fan of the words, but it's got a decent hook to it. And I'll always support her somewhat. I'll buy her first solo album, sure
But she's just another plastic Kardashian.

on Thursday, February 24th, jake said

I don't want to say this but this is not going to sell that well

on Thursday, February 24th, kittyk@t101 said

a strip pole really