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04/25/2007: "Updates & Fan Media"

Updates: Archives (added), Link Us (added), Tour (edited), Unofficial Remixes (edited, see below).

One of our beloved visitors, Perfect_Enemy, donated a cool remix they made to our Unofficial Remixes media section. And I thought, hey, they're not the only creative visitor here - there's lots! And with that, we're asking you, would you donate fanmade videos, remixes, and other audio/video things?

If you're up for it, please comment here (or email me at amanda@allmylove.org) with your name (or nickname), the category of your work, and most importantly - a download link! We'll upload it to AML's server (eg. aml/videos/fanvideos/) and add it to the selected section with your name near it.

Replies: 4 Comments

on Thursday, April 26th, Amanda said

Excellent guys, thank you!!

on Thursday, April 26th, Perfect_Enemy said

So I was listening to my Perfect Enemy and Novaya Model mix when I decided to make it more complex and flow better. I reworked the mix and made a, in my opinion, MUCH better mix. I hope you upload this one, I think you will like it more than the original. Here it is:


on Thursday, April 26th, Chris said

Elena Katina - Robot (40' Demo Edit)

t.A.T.u. - Nas Ne Dogonyat (40' Extended Mix)

I have some others but they are much worse :).

on Thursday, April 26th, Perfect_Enemy said

I did another remix, the same style as the Perfect Enemy and Novaya Model one...but this time with "We Shout" and "Nichya".

I hope you like it, here it is:


Just let me know if you like it on the Tagboard!...or E-mail.