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11/22/2007: "Bravo magazine scans & transcript"

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t.A.T.u.’s new LP “Waste Management” comes out on Christmas. It was recorded mostly in America, then partially in Moscow, and then dubbed in London. But these are not the most important things now. The most important is the fact that Yulia will have a boy in two months…

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BRAVO: All pregnant women are usually nervous. Yulia, are you in a flap?

Yulia: No, I’m the one who’s not nervous at all. And not in a flap way. But I cry often. I am constantly pitiful to everybody now. Like I can start crying while watching some movie, for example. I’ve become very sentimental. But not annoyed or cranky.

Does this second pregnancy differ from the first one somehow?

Yulia: It does. First, because I’ve got my loved one with me. And second, my first pregnancy was absolutely unplanned, but I had a baby. I love Vika very much. Very much. I remember I came to Lena back then, and we were sitting together and talking for a long time. I was thinking about my career, my work, and I really didn’t know what I should do. And Lena told me firmly: “Yulia, go have this child!” This time I have everything preplanned, and somehow for real. My dear is with me, he supports me a lot.

Does your daughter Vika understand she'll have a brother soon?

Sure! She is a little bit over 3 now. She looks at my belly and says, “I will have a brother soon”. Actually, my Vika understands everything. Just have seen her yesterday – she lives with my parents at the moment.


It’s just the way it is now. Me and Parviz are refitting our apartment – there will be huge room for kids, it’s going to be very beautiful! We have planned lots of things there. When everything is done, we will certainly bring Vika, and we’ll all live together there.

Tell us, are you a strict mother?

Yulia: No, not sever. But I don’t like cranky children and children who like to command. I stop all this at once. Of course, your kid should be a person and show his or her own “I”. But your kid should also understand what pain is, for example. Your kid should not offend the family, should not shout. Say, we have a little dog York living at our place, and Vika sometimes kicks it like a football from one room to another. Then I explain to her that this is wrong, that this is an animal and it feels pain. So we don’t have a sort of permissiveness at all. But actually I’m not going to break her, let her grow up as she is. She’s got to have guts.

Len, so you are two friends. You watch Yulia, her family. Do you want one?

Lena: You know, everybody’s got his own life. The fact that Yulya’s life went the way it did doesn’t mean mine should be similar. We are different. But I seriously want to have a family and a child. I like pregnant women very much. And when they are calm, not cranky, makes everything just super. I am going to get pregnant when I'm totally sure of a man beside me. A child needs a father… I will surely keep my baby if I’m pregnant.

Yul, have you baptized Vika already?

Yulia: Yes, I have. Godparents are my father and Vika’s nanny. She is my mother’s best friend, she even was her wedding testifier. We made baptism service private, no guests, no press, no publicity, just our family.

Yulia, what's the buzz about your intention to give birth and to broadcast it live on the Internet?

Yulia: I joked somewhere about it. And the hell broke loose. I am not going to deliver this way really. One thing is when you are doing it for yourself and cameraman is your loved or your photographer. Quite a different thing is when they carry you all-out and sweaty to the maternity room and this all is being broadcasted live. No. Finally, why should random people see me, pale and wet, in such a condition?

Lena: Yulia already does too much things others in a delicate condition wouldn’t risk to do at all. Flown to the States in her serious months, we shot our video. It is hard work even without being pregnant, and Yulia was almost 7-th month!

Yulia, did it hurt the first time you had a a baby, do you remember?

Yulia: See, I don’t. And I am probably given the second chance for total recall! (Laughing).

Do you now pay attention to guys at all?

Yulia: For me this story is certainly in the past. I've lived, actually, for myself all my life. I’ve always liked better to be loved. But when I’m loved too much I start to loose interest. I am a rather freedom-loving person. Nobody, no boyfriend, could stop me in case I wished to go somewhere - to a party, for example. You don't like it – then go away. My interests were on the first place. But now everything has changed dramatically. Now I want my family. Long gone are aggression and all the parties.

Lena, do you still do castings? :-)

Lena: Nope. Now I do have a bye-friend.
Yulia: "A bye-friend"! Ha-ha! That’s just it, “bye”. Now she’s got “a bye-friend” every day! (Smiling).
Lena: Before this I had just one for as long as two years.

Yul, we suppose you have become housewifely now?

Yulia: Yes! This is strange and completely not typical for me. For me it was just unreal to put clothes into washing-machine. I even didn’t know about modes and temperature degrees. But now I know everything! I can easily go do dishes, vacuum cleaning. Love makes miracles. Parviz also helps me.

Have you noticeably changed after being with him?

Yulia: In some special way – no. We do surely have fights and make it up, showing our “I” to each other all the time. We both are very dominative and egoistic. On top of this he is Lion and I am Pisces. So conflicts are inevitable. But, nevertheless, I have probably become more facile. Yes, probably so. More flexible. For example, he could rail at me and I sit beside him, kiss and tell him I love him. (Smiling).

Len, is it true?

Lena: Actually yes. Yulia used to be more explosive before. Now she’s more artful. She would have easily exploded before, but now she became wise, distinctively womanish. (Smiling).

Question from guys: Yul, how many sizes have your breast gained? ;)

Yulia: (Smiling): One! I had size 2, now I have size 3!

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on Thursday, November 22nd, s.A.S.u. said

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