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12/18/2007: "The 2007 archive"

Sources: Tatu.ru, tatysite.net, tatulife.ru

2008 is around the corner, and it’s time to look back at the memorable moments that happened in t.A.T.u.’s career and their personal lives in 2007. New songs, new photos, a new video, and everything in between. Please credit all uses.

Links regarding interviews and videos can be found in our archives or tatu.ru.

• t.A.T.u. start to record their 3rd album, “Upravlenie Otbrosami”, and “Waste Management” from January 16. And the Russian novel “TATY Come Back” is available on the official t.A.T.u. shop.

• Lena and Yulia wish the fans “Happy Valentines Day” on February 14 with handwritten notes, featuring two unreleased photos from 2006’s promotion of “Dangerous and Moving.”

• Yulia turns 22 on February 20 and spends her birthday in Thailand. Fans from all over the world wish “Happy Birthday”, and we create a “mini-site” for her that was unfortunately lost.

• t.A.T.u. are on the TV show “Closer to Stars” on March 31, and reveal details on “In Search of t.A.T.u.”, later renamed “Finding t.A.T.u.”, a movie based on the Russian novel “TATY Come Back.”

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• More information regarding “In Search of t.A.T.u.”, later renamed “Finding t.A.T.u.”, a movie based on the Russian novel “TATY Come Back”, appears on April 25 from ram-co.ru.

• Tatu.ru interview Roland Joffe, the director of “Finding t.A.T.u.” on May 3, about his previous work in the film business and his personal opinions about the film and t.A.T.u.

• t.A.T.u. show up for Moscow’s yearly press conference and Gay Parade to support the gay community on May 26-27. They give an interview to a Moscow newspaper about their experience.

• News from the official t.A.T.u. forum on June 6th confirm that Yulia is expecting her second child, with her “husband” boyfriend Parviz, in late December. She is said to be in her third month by various sources.

• t.A.T.u. are guests at the “MK” Festival on June 24th, in Moscow, Russia, where they perform a new song from the up-coming Russian album “Upravlenie Otbrosami” called “Ne Zhaley.”

• A short demo of “Beliy Plaschik” is posted on the official t.A.T.u. blog on July 2 by Insider, including information regarding the video’s future production in September.

• t.A.T.u. start their first shooting day of “Finding t.A.T.u.” on July 9 and ending August 14, following information of that the movie will premiere at Cannes in 2008.

• t.A.T.u. perform at B1 Maximum Club on August 15 in Moscow, Russia, featuring 3 new songs from “Waste Management” called “You and I”, “Little People”, and “Vremya Luni.” And exclusive HQ photos are uploaded.

• The long anticipated “TRUTH” DVD, featuring edited footage from the St. Petersburg 2006 concert and t.A.T.u. eXpedition, is released on September 12 by amazon.co.jp.

• t.A.T.u. leave Moscow, Russia on October 2 to shoot the video of “Beliy Plaschik”, the pre-single for “Upravlenie Otbrosami” in Los Angeles, California, USA. Information regarding the video is kept a secret.

• Lena celebrates her 23rd birthday on October 4 and gives a small interview on “Love Radio.” Fans from all over the world wish “Happy Birthday”, and we create a “mini-site” for her called Katina’s Birthday.

• First photos on the set of “Beliy Plaschik” are posted on the official t.A.T.u. site on October 11, and fans create their own analysis of the plot while they wait in anticipation for the video.

• t.A.T.u. do a photoshoot for OK! Magazine, out on November 1, including an exclusive interview with the magazine about the girl’s personal lives and interests.

• A MySpace competition is held on November 26 for the release of “Beliy Plaschik.” Fans set their default as a promotional banner, and 10 are chosen at random by t.A.T.u. to be in their top friends and one will receive the Russian album.

• t.A.T.u.’s new video “Beliy Plaschik” is released on November 29 and goes into exclusive rotation on MTV Russia until December 13. The video is capped by nfne and exclusively uploaded for us.

• A new entry is posted by “Insider” on the official t.A.T.u. blog with new information regarding “Beliy Plaschik”, including an English version and release of an up-coming maxi-single on November 30.

• The MySpace competition winners are announced on December 7, and one lucky fan will receive a copy of the Russian album “Upravlenie Otbrosami” when it’s released. We are also included in t.A.T.u.’s top friends.

• More official information is posted on December 12 regarding the release of “Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single, and the release of “Upravlenie Otbrosami”, set for April 2008, though previously mentioned as December 25.

• After the end of exclusive rotation on MTV Russia, fans request and vote for “Beliy Plaschik” on Russian radio and TV channels, with the links posted by tatu.ru on December 15.


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on Wednesday, December 19th, Ryan said

i really hope that tatu have turned a new page in their career. im their biggest fan, ive spent nearly 5,000 on their merchandise, i have everything, but i hate waiting 2 years for their new songs, its too long and like wots happened now, postponed. it would be better for them of they did less concerts and more focusing on albums. all tatu have done for 2 years has been promo work. well they need to promote and create. rant over i cant wait for teh new album and their movie XD

on Tuesday, December 18th, Amanda said

Even better. :)

on Tuesday, December 18th, Jessica said

Just imagine what next years gonna be like..

on Tuesday, December 18th, B said

sweet! luv t.A.T.u.!!!! :)