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04/01/2008: "“Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single pre-sale"

Source: Tatu.ru

April, 2 we start pre-sale of the hyperion-plate «Beliy Plaschik» at shop.tatu.ru. As it was promised, the first 1000 hyperion-plates will be not just signed, but also numbered by Lena and Yulia.

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To order you may use your card or use “cash on delivery” option (for Russia only).

Couple of important things:

- If you are among the first buyers of the hyperion-plate and decided to get more than 3 copies, only 3(!) of the ordered plates will be numbered, the rest will be just signed.

- You can pay with one card only for one order – we would like more fans to get this unique numbered edition and to avoid profit-making by the third parties.

- We can’t tell you the exact date when this edition will be available; we’re releasing a very sophisticated product; at the same time we want to release it as soon as we can to make everybody happy; once we’ve already given the date and we couldn’t make it, which caused a waterfall of tough-as-Chelyabinsk-steelmakers criticism; we’re not going to repeat this mistake and will tell you the exact date when we see hyperion-plates at our stock.

- We’ll let you know when the first 1000 of copies is pre-ordered.

- Together with this plate you’re welcome to order any shop item, but we will ship it off only when hyperion-plates will be in t.A.T.u. shop.