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05/08/2008: "“Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single on May 8th"

Source: Tatu.ru

On the May 8 tatu-shop starts shipping out the hyperion-plates.
First 100 items signed by Yulia and Lena and numbered with Yulia’s hand are flying to the lucky owners today.
All of the rest numbered plates will be sent out in the next few days.
You will be able to understand from the writing style whose plate was numbered by Lena and whose by Yulia.
(Of course, all numbers are unique).

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On the May 20 all “SOYUZ” stores in Russia will start selling the hyperion-plate "White Robe".

May 20, 3 PM – t.A.T.u.’s autograph-session in Moscow.
Place: MediaHypermarket “VseSOYUZnyi” / Pyatnitskaya st., 29.
The exhibition of the selected items used in "220" and "White Robe" music videos will be opened this day.

May 21, 3 PM – t.A.T.u.’s autograph-session in St.Petersburg.
Place: “RADUGA” shopping mall, “SOYUZ” shop / Kosmonavtov ave., 14 (“Park Pobedy” subw.station).

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on Friday, May 9th, zephroelectro said

AWESOME! I am going to check the post as much as possible now :D