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10/12/2008: "New Lena diary entry"

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Hey, it’s me! Decided to react on your call and write something. By the way, awesome poem, really liked it. And of course thank you for congratulations! I just feel so happy! At least one day in a year I hear only compliments I celebrated, as you know, absolutely quietly, with the closest people. But somehow I have so many gifts!

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I also celebrated one year together with my boy-friend, who surprised me with a balloon-ride! Guys, this is so awesome! At first I was afraid and didn’t want to fly. But the moment we took off, I calmed down. The flight was so… relaxing! It was so cool to fly above the forests, fields, roads, country houses… People stop, take pictures, wave hands just like kids! We picked up cones from tree tops and one time almost landed on somebody’s house. This is the way pilots joke.

And after we landed, we were officially taken into balloonists – by a very interesting and surprising ritual. I won’t describe it – what if someone of you will decide to fly in a balloon? Pure positive impressions. Hopefully I splashed out some for you! Thank you once again for warm, kind and sincere (I hope!) wishes! I’m kissing your left cheeks – virtually, of course.

Your one-year-older Lenka

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on Monday, October 13th, Adi said

lool Lena you are just perfect :)
very glad u had fun on ur birthday!
take care!

on Sunday, October 12th, farzad said

hi i love you lena
happy bithdy