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03/01/2010: "Yulia Volkova in Hello! magazine"


Yulia Volkova's 25th birthday party was featured in Hello! magazine on March 1, 2010. Click here to view the article in full-size. Thanks to millimetry_poblazhki (

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on Tuesday, March 16th, zzyiqaqif said

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on Saturday, March 6th, madolie said

yulia is the best girl ever she looks really fantastique she doesn't need lena lena is not so good why weren't she there (sorry for my english)

on Saturday, March 6th, jhon said

yulia is the best .
where is lena katina???why isn't she there????does anybody know???????

on Wednesday, March 3rd, liz said

another yoko photo? my god, the eyes are bleeding.

(note: my eyes AREN'T actually bleeding. i can't stand looking at yoko.)

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Amie said

I agree with Jenn. Plastic surgery just doesn't look good on Yulia. And no matter how "big a fan" you are, you should damn well KNOW that's not how she should look. >__>

on Tuesday, March 2nd, a•d•R•I•a•n™ said

LMAO! shut up Jenn!! xD why did they put a doll there? quinceñeras have dolls on cakes! lol Im sure Yulia didnt turn 15 again!?

on Monday, March 1st, jenn said

YOU SILLY KIDS! Lena is in L.A.

And by the looks of it, Yulia's going to be just as plastic as that Bratz doll they stuck in her cake. Were they purposely trying to send her a message?

on Monday, March 1st, Faiza said

Awww yulia's crying when cutting her cake lol. Man everything's in russian Dx

on Monday, March 1st, G said

Who needs Lena, when you've got Parvis!!! :D

(LFMAO!!!! HELL NO!!!)

on Monday, March 1st, Writer said

Yah, where is Lena? What happened to always forever?

on Monday, March 1st, cath said

where the fuck is lena? ......

p.s. happy bday my girl

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