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07/18/2010: "Gallery Update: Unknown"


New photos of Yulia Volkova. More information will be posted when available. Thanks to Gina (

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on Wednesday, August 4th, bgbeboswng said

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on Wednesday, August 4th, james said

soo not coooll..I see the WHORE inside of Yuliaaaa

lol lol lol

on Thursday, July 29th, Bee_Toe said

that guy looks like Vin Diesel! lol

on Saturday, July 24th, cynthia said

thats a nice way to spend your time ummmm music, solo career ---> anytime soon ?_?

on Thursday, July 22nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Tyegoo, thats a poll not a quiz. LOL

on Thursday, July 22nd, G said

Nice analogy tyegoo ;) spot-on!

on Wednesday, July 21st, shananay said

ewww fugly whore.

on Tuesday, July 20th, jenn said

I've actually disliked Yulia for quite some time.

on Tuesday, July 20th, mwa-coco said

You people are so mean ! Ok Yulia wasn't fair with what she said about Lena's solo plans but come on ! I'm sure you still like this little brunette... right ? ^^
Oh, and Lena has responded very smartly to what Yulia said in the interview, she just have to ignore all this, I think Volk is just jealous...
Finally : on this pictures she doesn't looks... good, and she have really bad taste about men... but let's just forget about all this crap and wait for her solo songs, we'll be able to criticize then.

on Tuesday, July 20th, tyegoo said


Lena looks much more better. Not because Yulia's stupid comments about Lena. I'm being fair here.
If they were cars. Lena looks like a brand new car, and Volko-bitch-va is more like an old used car that's gone thru a lot of accidents on the road, like gotten ran over by big trucks and etc.

Now it's time for quiz :

Who's gonna be the old hag when both girls hit 50 years old?

a. Yulia
b. Volkova

on Tuesday, July 20th, Ronald johnman said

ugly little slut.

on Tuesday, July 20th, elena najjar said

why sre you so upset if she is still attracting mens so what?leave my yulia alone could you

on Tuesday, July 20th, marla said

yulia looks great <3 enventought she gave birth to 2 children so shut the fuck up

on Tuesday, July 20th, screwyulia said

her first song will be " the whore in me " and it will be a major flop and she will be miserable for the rest of her life.
Yulia is a stupid cunt and a fucking whore and theres no denying it.
and fuck all shitty annoying tatu fans. man they are blind as little ants.

on Tuesday, July 20th, marcus said

Not only does she looks disgusting, but her hideous lips and burnt skin and her hanging around all naked like that is quite a garbage scene.
im not a tatu fan but i think yulia just showed her real colors and proved to the world what a WHORE she is.

on Tuesday, July 20th, xAnDrA said

and they say miley cyrus is a whore.
seriously, yulia sucks after what rubbish she just said against Lena.
Yulia is a typical russian dumbass with nothing to do except sleep with men and thats her only source of earning money.
Yulia is a bitch.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Me said

She looks disgusting.

on Monday, July 19th, liz said

i really don't like the bikini she's wearing. a one piece would look better.

she needs to stay single for a while.

on Monday, July 19th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Hate seems like a crazy LEna fan... LOL Ill pray for him/her/it tonight.

on Monday, July 19th, Cassandra said

@ I hate volkova : What did Yulia said about " your dear LÚna " ? O.˘

on Monday, July 19th, I hate volkova said

Yulia is the new queen of slut moms. That whore + bitch just said very bad things about our dear lena. My wishes to lena and advise her to dont listen to dumb yulia anymore.

on Monday, July 19th, ma-sha said

Sorry. I love t.a.t.u. and will support them till the end, but she looks "dangerous and moving." Lena na vsegda <3

on Monday, July 19th, Nasser said

i hope that will t.A.T.u. (YULIA,LENA) behave like as past year

on Monday, July 19th, nasser said

i hope that tatu(yulia,lena) continue like as pass year

on Monday, July 19th, Cassandra said

These pictures look old. I don't think it is Yulia now.

on Monday, July 19th, Karan said

who tht fat arse wid myyyyy yulia..!! i'll kill him..>:(

btw she is looking gorgeous....

on Monday, July 19th, G said

Ughhhhh CHILDREN! [groan] ...nice 2 c a news update tho...

on Monday, July 19th, Fabian said

Well, she certainly got browner. And a bigger butt. Meh.

on Sunday, July 18th, jenn said

Hairy nips.

on Sunday, July 18th, Paula said

For what I see, i think she loos so great! :) And i dont care about her weight, considering she has been pregnant 2 times she looks perfect ^^ and she looks happy which is important. Want to know whos that guy.
Hope there┤ll be more news about Yulka

on Sunday, July 18th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Oh and I mean best not "bitch" in the parenthacis(ugh, spelling? lol)

on Sunday, July 18th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Jenn would know a thing or two about montrous lips! ;p

Courtney, its not like every comment has a sign saying if they are negative or positive. Arran simply said that us fans dont have to always negative and always bitch about Yulia's looks! Just lighten up and stop caring about looks(even if they arent the bitch).

In my opinion shes in great shape and doesnt look THAT bad! We cant even say if she looks bad in her face cus its not a face shoot! We can only judge her hair and body. and her swim suit is annoying lol and that top NEVER looks good! I hope more pics come out! :D

on Sunday, July 18th, Candace said

Wow! After having 2 kids, her body looks great! Yulia looks like she's having casual fun in these photos.

on Sunday, July 18th, Courtney said

Arran- people can say whatever they want, negative or positive. if you don't like what the comments say then don't read them.

on Sunday, July 18th, Courtney said

Ew she looks horrible. Especially in that last picture from behind. She moves on pretty fast, huh?

on Sunday, July 18th, Arran said

The fuck is up with the rude comments ? Just don't say anything.
Yulia looks great <3

on Sunday, July 18th, jenn said

ROFL. I love the first picture. I too would be afraid to kiss those monstrous lips.

on Sunday, July 18th, jenn said

Guys I'm scared to look at these....

on Sunday, July 18th, toto said

These pictures seems old, i think it was token b4 Yulia had that BJ.

on Sunday, July 18th, Juan Pablo said

Hey Mi, she doesn't look that bad!! she never does :) but i'm agreee about the bikini..not that cool but still she looks very nice as always. at least for me ^^ and it's great to have recent pics of her..still wonder where were these taken from..Anyway, Go Yuli!! you and Lena are a super duo!!! <3 <3

on Sunday, July 18th, Mi said

She looks like hell. D: She looks like she got attacked by uneven colored brown markers and a bikini doesn't exactly look good on her. And who is that guy?! UGH. Yulia, you're such a hypocrite. :[

on Sunday, July 18th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Who's that douche bag near my Yulia?? Nice back though :P