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07/19/2010: "Video: MTV Interview (07.17.10)"


Yulia Volkova was interviewed by MTV Russia on July 17, 2010. Thanks to Fanta (

Yulia: She [Lena] has the right to do it [sing t.A.T.u. songs], but it's so stupid, absolutely stupid. If you do a solo career, it means that you do your own work. Her stuff, that she makes, I think, is silly and very soon her career will wither away and disappear.
MTV: Yulia, relax, where is the problem if she sings the old songs?

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on Sunday, August 8th, alexe771 said

Very nice site!

on Monday, August 2nd, Katy said

I hate Yulia!

on Sunday, August 1st, Sweeti3 said

This makes me sad. I love t.A.T.u, both Lena & Yulia but Yulia was a little out of line. I hope Yulia apologizes so that they can make up.

Like wow this is crazy, all this division between fans is sad. And Yulia has been making me sad for a while... I really miss the old t.A.T.u but all we can do now is hope for the best, for both girls.

on Saturday, July 31st, lakesh said

apparently annoying as hell bitches like " Yulia'sFan " simply wont stop licking Yulia's feets and the bitch even joined simply to exceed horrifying lengths of ridiculously defend Yulia for what shes done. im amazed to see such blind hypocrytic follower of Yulia.

on Thursday, July 29th, Veronika said

I've been telling people for years that Yulia is a classless little bitch, and this proves it.

on Monday, July 26th, Sam G said

We'll never know what happens behind the cameras. Maybe they have fought because of the duo's songs and Yulia was very mad and not weighed his words before giving the interview. Anyway it's not up to us to judge.

on Sunday, July 25th, Whitney said

Ok, i have nothing against Yulia but that was quite a bitch move.

I understand that it's her own opinion and I believe she should express it, however, I just found the way she made her comment was flat-out rude. I mean, Lena's her friend, I at least think she should say it in a more respectful manner.
You don't hear Lena going around dissing Yulia's big lips or the fact that she may possibly become the next Brittany Spears if she keeps up a certain act.

I was very disappointed after this...

on Saturday, July 24th, cynthia said

LMAO its been getting dirtier by the second here , poor Amanda ! Anyways i don't think insults would do any good ,a fan shouldn't give up on them so fast BUT that does not mean Yulia didn't screw up here ! just ignore her until she fixes this mess and apologises
*whatever attitude*
[respect => gone]

on Friday, July 23rd, Jamaica said

This just goes to show that you can have all the money in the world, but you can't buy breeding. You can dress up all you want, but you can't fake class. You can claim to be the coolest person in the room, or the world, or the planet for that matter, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're the better person.

I don't care much for whatever issues there are about creativity or music rights or freedom of speech. I do care about respect and friendship. And frankly, whether it was meant seriously or in jest, friends don't do that to friends.

I don't know about any of you, but breeding trumps coolness in my book.

That said, I wish both of them well in their solo careers. I like them both as performers, but additional kudos to Lena for handling the matter with dignity and respect. For that, she gets my admiration not just for being a good artist, but a good person as a whole.

on Friday, July 23rd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I agree with Adriana, I hope Yulia does a video about her being sorry, I think Lena deserves it.

on Thursday, July 22nd, Adriana said

Yulia was very hard in his statements on Lena, and I agree. But Yulia is the same guys that we fall in love for 11 years with his rebellions and his strong personality. There is a restriction on the form of expression, now for a single note, Yulia is the worst of all ???!! and worse is a P. ..,. If we are here is because we're fans of TATU and still want to see them together on stage. I q in the privacy Yulia and Lena fix this, Yulia Lena always loved, and I try to fix it.

on Thursday, July 22nd, liz said


on Thursday, July 22nd, TaTyTu said

I fall in love with t.A.T.u since 2004, so its 6 years, now ur telling me Yulia is a bitch because her loud mouth? what about her way of dressing, acting, giving middle finger to the cam, goes out and party with different men, all that kind of shit? not a whore? not a slut?

Don't get me wrong, I still love Yulia, but I hate what she become to.

on Thursday, July 22nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said


TaTyTu, Kylie is right. You just like the other idiot haters base your comments on NOTHING. How do you know who bagin Yulia?? Huh? Do you live in Russia and always follow her? I bet not. Yulia can be a bitch but I think it's just her loud mouth. Please stop calling her a whore. you dont know her and just sound like a dumbfuck.

I might sound like a idiot but I still think t.A.T.u. is not dead, just because ONE AWFUL DISPICABLE insult doesnt mean t.A.T.u. is dead foreveeeer! (Thats sarcasm)

I really hope Yulia makes a video about this. Lena and her fans deserve it.

on Thursday, July 22nd, Paula said

Great comment kylie ;)Have nothing to add but I still love them and ill still support them of course. Too sad to see some comments insulting Yulia so bad, but well, thats some ppl opinion. I hope Yulia is working and waiting to surprise us. Go Yulia, and of course go Lena! :)

on Thursday, July 22nd, Karan said

ya.. i totally agree with AMANDA.... :p !!
thnx for being such a gr8 support....

on Thursday, July 22nd, Amanda said

Xyz, your mom's a whore. How many times am I going to have to ban you from my website?

on Thursday, July 22nd, xyz said

yulia is a whore.

on Thursday, July 22nd, Amanda said

Kylie, I appreciate that a lot! :)

on Thursday, July 22nd, kylie said

for TaTyTu,it's your personal opinion but with all what i wrote and u said this u may have not read all my comments all you have done is insulting her based on what?(NOTHING)so you should have kept your opinion for yourself because it's not that strong.

on Thursday, July 22nd, TaTyTu said

@Kyile, Yulia sometimes a bitch? SHE ALWAYS BEEN A BITCH, no only a bitch, but she is a slut whore who fucks different kinds of men, and she has colored children, she doesn't care about us and never will, Dissing Lena is not quite smart move, they have been friend for over 10 years for God sake, that interview was a wake up call for her fans.

on Thursday, July 22nd, kylie said

look guys i want to say something look yulia is too honest tha's why she seems sometimes a bitch but it is not the case with yulia because think bt it if you are a singer and you have an opponent will you tell him that he will crash soon NO NEVER because you will say in that case i will look better but tha's what show that yulia really care for lena or other wise she wouldn't have said anything .I think that there is something more nut defenetly both girls are ok >!yulia made her opinion clear but as usuall as an expected way but that doesn't give people the right to attact her and say those hurtfull stuff and specially people who drives me crazy are people who start blaming her looks and her lifestyle or the people who she hangs up with .what the fuck(sorry amanda) her looks or her lifestyle has to do with everything?so please if you want to say something usufull say it if not leave it to yourselves .and about her solo carrer guys if she doesn't show everything that doesn't mean that she have done nothing isn't it?and don't forget the fact that she is a mother of 2 kids that is not that easy to handle so support her a little bit and stop comparing her to lena because they are NOT ENNEMIES AND LENA DOESN'T HAVE 2 KIDS so give yulia a brake and yes Lena has the right to sing tatu songs but if both girls want to think tatu songs where is the use of solo project?anyways 10x AMANDA for everything because i have never seen someone who cares so much about fans opinion and you are always up to date i like that (that shows a little bit of your personality):D(sorry to leave ,y opinion of you for the rest but i was a bit pissed so sorry but we always leave the important thing for the rest :D

on Thursday, July 22nd, Fallen_Dream said

Guys, sorry, but its real. We must to see into the truth's eyes. t.A.T.u. band are DEAD. And this is awfully. We are all knew that it will happen... :'(((((

on Thursday, July 22nd, K said

well i think u were stupid Yulia, you need money babe and u don't care about anything more, u said u were the bst betewen those peoples on billboard party but u're just a little spider, u don't even showed one of your blessed songs, wish u all the best sucking your ugly's man dick you selfish bitch, i wish one day u'll get enough resources to see how life in music is, u're just a botoxed, suck-doll, who spits shit from yourself always blaaming others and thinking u're perfect, u're no more than n selfish piece of shit with a rat brain

on Wednesday, July 21st, Alfred Islas said

Oh my god! I knew that girl was sick and twisted. How could she even think about saying such a thing about Lena? I thought she was just a little misguided with all that surgery she has done, but now she is just 100% misguided.

She's too famous to be a jealous little brat about Lena.

on Wednesday, July 21st, Colettio said

this all sounds like some tatu fan fic that hopefully has a good ending, no?

on Wednesday, July 21st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Nassar, what are you talking about????

on Wednesday, July 21st, liz said

yeah i agree, don't fuck with amanda!

on Wednesday, July 21st, Kayla C. said

wow holy crap! I leave the internet for a few days and this is what happens!! total cat fight in the comments, and go amanda for kicking ass!! lol. Anyways, I'm kinda shocked as most people are. Yet, I'm more sad. What happened to the yulia I knew? I just feel like she's gone.

on Wednesday, July 21st, nasser said

i think it,s better they keep on with eachother because their basic activity have been made by together.i really sorry to hear this news and i hope everything will be all right. i always dream about you,i think you are myself(юля)

on Wednesday, July 21st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Holy shit! Im scared of Amanda now...

on Wednesday, July 21st, Eimi said

we can argue all we want, but no one messes with Amanda. x3
<3 ily! :D

on Wednesday, July 21st, Amanda said

Tatusfan (also known as 'yulia is the queen of whores', 'fuck yulia', '', etc.), your IP address has been banned from our website due to multiple usernames, personal insults, excessive cursing and plain stupidity. Additionally, all of your messages have been removed.

Everyone, please make note of this.

on Wednesday, July 21st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

PerezFan, Piggy Perez often has misleading titles, he only called Yulia a whore because she had a baby with another man! Alot of women do that! And if you notice, alot of the commenters said he was wrong! And his site is FULL of hate and stupidity! And he just gives Gaga a bad name!

on Wednesday, July 21st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Yulia(is) should be warned or something! He/she is just creating bad energy! Cool down asshole!

I think Yulia keeps t.A.T.u. known, cus of her getting more publicity. I think Yulia CAN be a bitch! But I dont think shes everything you guys are calling her! Just because Yulia says something stupid once, everyone gets all crazy and spew hatred on her! Everyone needs to calm down and think about it! I think they are both great singers and have alot of talent! Im on no ones side! Every just calm down!

on Wednesday, July 21st, tatyforever said

i would have never expected something like this from yulia. now i'm sure that the reason for solo careers is they don't get on's sad to hear that and she should show something of her solo project instead of criticise lena's

on Wednesday, July 21st, shayan said

all the things she said its right.they have to make new carear.why lena do conserts and sangs her new songs when no one listened to it B4 ? im waiting to see yulias new project.if that was great so she is right.pls do not stop loving yulia and dont godg her.she is super

on Wednesday, July 21st, Amanda said

The translation is correct. Please do not question its credibility because of your own inability to accept Yulia's behavior.

on Wednesday, July 21st, tatulover said

omg this is bad news to hear omg i love yulia so match but why she said that omg yulia am disappointing

on Wednesday, July 21st, Karan said

I always admired Julia voice than Lena.. Julia is gr8 nd much better than Lena coz she(JULIA) gives THE RIGHT GENRE to the t.A.T.u. music!! Lena always be soft nd tht make her less better than Julia.. she should be totally involved in the real genre of tATu music..

but i m nt saying the Lena is bad.. she definitely a gr8 singer too nd a Nice Person 2!!....

Thy always fight wen thy are indi.. Thtz y t.A.T.u. roxx more than any of their solo Project..
and ya.. Lena was only responsible for t.A.T.u. deformation nd going Solo.. wat ABOUT THIs.. does tht nt struck the minds of fckin stupid people who just want to blame Julia for her deeds..

I just luv t.A.T.u. together not indi....

on Wednesday, July 21st, Karan said

wtf!! Yulia i never expected this from you..
Thts y i always loved u both nd not 1 of u indv..

And ya.. many supporters of Yulia are right..


it would be definitely wrong.. Yulia can't mean something lyk tht.. Yulia nd Lena are extremely tallented singers nd nobody dominates any1 or is inferior..

Plzz dont believe any1 who just get the misunderstood translation nd blames Yulia.. plzz do support her.. u cannot fck an1 out just b'coz of tht stupid person who translated it wrong.. we are fans of them both nd cannot leave lyking them..

rest is all yours opinion, but on my side i still lyk Yulia nt jst as a person but as a gr8 Singer!!

And ya.. guyz, STOP BEING NEGATIVE..........

on Wednesday, July 21st, Sofia said

Well that hurts to hear. I think it'a shame that she feels that way and felt that she needed to say it on national television. I personally love what I've heard from Lena's new project and I like her renditions of the songs they did together. Until we hear any of Julia's songs we'll see who's career is really withering. This isn't the first time that I've been disappointed with Yulia's hurtful mouth-diarrhea. Very uncool, Yulia. She's not the apologizing type so I dont see her redeeming herself in my eyes anytime soon.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Faiza said

Yea I wonder why the girls were still seen together after this.. this interview is from june, that time she had that revealing dress. when I read what yulia thought about lena's career I was thinking they got into a fight or something and yulia said that stuff out of anger, however hurtful too... maybe yulia is jealous because I love lena's new songs, or maybe yulia doesn't like the new style and prefers lena sticking with the old t.A.T.u. style. you know yulia can get really straight forward and too honest. But then with lena's response, now I know yulia meant it... why would lena say the opposite for yulia? that obviously means these 2 are hiding something... maybe they dont want us to know that they're not friends anymore or something... lena being hurt and admitting it, but saying something rather nice about yulia, that's a big contradiction there's gotta be something they are hiding... I'm so confused I want the truth nao :<

on Tuesday, July 20th, Faiza said

Talk about celebrities you hate over celebrities you pity...

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

G, just tell me already! Its getting annoying and pathetic.

Im a BIG t.A.T.u. fan and I like think things through! Im not defending Yulia and agreeing with her but I agree with what she said about using old t.A.T.u. songs, and she said Lena's solo career wont get anywhere if she keeps using t.A.T.u. material, She NEVER said Lena's solo is shit! It seems like fans only read "Stupid Lena solo withering carear"! Its stupid to say Yulia's solo is shit if it hasnt even taken off! I think Yulia is jealous and annoyed by Lena doin what she did! Sorta like a boy using tips he learned to pick up chicks from his older brother and uses them to pick up a chick who was crushed on by hs older brother! Sorry if you dont get me, Ill say the rest later lol

on Tuesday, July 20th, Amanda said

Liz, honestly, I would like to see an apology from her before posting any more news. Because I am equally as hurt as any other fan.

on Tuesday, July 20th, yulia(is) said

Yulia is lame loser that can't sing for shit.
little miss botox Barbie thinks that she is the shit
little miss bitch..feels she needs to talk shit cuz she knows her solo career is a piece of shit and feels threaten by the success of lenas career. heres a thought we all need to do is slap her in the face and tell her thats enough of your fucking shit you fucking bitch
so suck on that yulia

on Tuesday, July 20th, Anonomouse said

I COMPLETELY agree. I wish they'd stop defending her so much.
She's done nothing in the past few years to give herself enough dignity to even be defended.

And a.d.R.I.a.n., I think you're bagging on Eimi too hard. In a way, it is backstabbing. Yulia should support Lena.
Its not like she's releasing t.A.T.u. songs as her own, she just sings them at private performances (because lets face it, even though they're public places, its a small group of people). What she said about her close friend of many years was completely hurtful and uncalled for, hence it being back stabbing.

on Tuesday, July 20th, liz said

thank you jenn!

i just have one question for amanda: are you still going to post yulia news even though she a backstabbing plastic ho bag?

in the words of keith olbermann: "that woman (yulia) is an idiot!"

on Tuesday, July 20th, G said

L-M-F-A-O @ Marie [gag]
...HOW MANY TIMES does a Rude, Immature, Unintelligent, Overzealously-Deluded Control Freak (in my oppinion) need 2 be warned!?!? This is an open commentary and does not require a certain remark after every post.
As far as im concerned- Yulia has demonstrated she has no respect for the feelings of the fans (her's, Lena's or tatu's), nor those of the band (members past & present) as well as everyone who has worked trielessly to get her to where she is today!

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

I couldn't agree with you more Jenn.

on Tuesday, July 20th, jenn said

I get a bit annoyed when I read things like, "YOU CALL YOURSELF A TRUE TATU FAN?!?!?" No, I don't call myself a true tATu fan. Opinions change. I couldn't give two shits about Yulia Volkova anymore. I visit AML because I want to stay up to date with Lena's career, and I love the peeps here. Yes I know that rhymed.

Maybe my opinion of Yulia will change if I hear some of the music she has been "working on." Like I said, opinions change. Don't assume we're all just as obsessed about tATu as you are.

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

She is an attention whore.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Rachel said

Oy, I think I'm a little late to the party here, but I'm not going to make a judgment until I get a good knowledge of what Yulia's doing (besides trying to find a new sugar-daddy).
I must say I agree with Jenn for the moment.

And it's fine if she does old songs, Gwen Stefani sung some of her old No Doubt songs at her solo concerts. I don't see the problem.

Yulia shouldn't be picking on Lena until she has something to show for herself.

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Lena's silly impostor cant spell :P

Thanks Marie! Im very happy to hear you agree with me! I like to speak my mind and tell idiots off! I like to analyze things before speaking what I think cus alot of other fans dont have half a brain, so I need ot be smart and keep everything on check :P

on Tuesday, July 20th, Lena said



on Tuesday, July 20th, Marie said


on Tuesday, July 20th, Marie said

adrian you are my hero you speak honestly and truthfully i really admire you speaking all of thisis what i call a true fan even if you were insulting yulia i know that you will speak whatever is necessary not like other fans who keep on speaking bt her appearance you with your comment make me and a lot of fans to see the reality .i didn't wanted to writ anything to defend yulia because first she doesn't need anyone to defend her (she has done anything wrong )and second adrian you said everything on my mind so thank you.p.s loved the thing about the

on Tuesday, July 20th, cvw220 said

it seems chopped up, no?

on Tuesday, July 20th, Amanda said

Circe, because it was aired (or re-aired) on July 17.

on Tuesday, July 20th, cvw220 said

I'm so confused about why they mention this now, all those clips were old!

on Tuesday, July 20th, Amanda said

Attention, everyone:
We acknowledge that this discussion is necessary. We allow you to criticize Yulia Volkova, as well as Lena Katina - whether it is their solo career, physical appearance or other aspect. But we do NOT allow personal insults, i.e. 'crazy Yulia freaks', 'gay ass freaky tatu fan', etc. We will edit and/or remove any offensive comments.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Amanda said

Aryle, I appreciate your comment very much. Thank you.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Aryle said

Amanda, I'm really happy to be an avid fan of your website and I know you have never posted a wrong translation or attempted to mislead fans. You host one of the best websites for fans and you always go above and beyond. You're news is always up to date and accurate.

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Pualo, they probably say shes a whore becuase she was always the "sexy" member of the group, and her appearance makes her look slutty! But I dont think shes a whore, shes not ALWAYS getting pregnant and doesnt go from boyfriend to boyfriend. NONE of us know Yulia but we still say things we dont know.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Esméy said

since I'm listening to tATu, Yulia was my favourite. And of course I think Yulia wasn't right with saying this, because Lena is the one who already has a solo career, and the only news we've heard from Yulia was the fact that she and Parviz broke up. But OK, I think Lena handled this very calm, and I think that was a good way to handle this. Like, I love Yulia, but this isn't the right way to say something to Lena. Like, if it goes further like this, tATu will never be tATu. I think it's a pity that the situation is like this now. But anyway, I don't hate Yulia for saying this, I would never hate her or Lena, because they're my favourite celebs & I hope sometime they'll be together again <3.

on Tuesday, July 20th, paulo said

ok thanks oh so why people say she is a whore?

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Im very neutral about this but I dont see any Yulia fans here... I just see Yulia haters(die hard Lena fans?) and neutral fans.

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Paulo, Yulia Volkova is the Brunette(Black hair) and Lena Katina is the red head!

Why do people keep saying Yulia hasnt done anything?? She went to L.A. to record! Just cus we dont have news doesnt mean shes sitting in her house sucking faces with her boyfriend!

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Liz, It seems like t.A.T.u. fans(Not ALL of them only the idiots who keep talking about Yulia's appearance) are stupid sometimes! And Im justing to them in their own language! And Im not gonna stop!

on Tuesday, July 20th, paulo said

can anyone know me if people are calling the black haired girl a whore/slut or the red haired one?
sorry i like sparks just now and am like it and to become a fan.

on Tuesday, July 20th, hipal said

since im not a ---, hence im gonna reply in a really ' normal ' way.
I liked tatu in general and am neither a diehard lena or yulia fan.However, I have to say what Yulia has said or did in the past has been clearly wrong. I do not know why --- from the official --- keep defending her. its childish and actually funny when they go to extreme to say that she is ....a beauitful person. such hypocrytic fans are clearly dilluded from realities of lies and use Yulia as a source for their umm...fantasies.

I know lena is on her way to release her album but Yulia on the other hand has done nothing. this is a major reason why she should have kept her mouth shut to say something about lena.

her words are just terrble lies. her looks are fake. her album will be a total failure. she can read and eat these lines that ive written.



on Tuesday, July 20th, Cassandra said

By gods...
En plus de n'avoir rien compris, ils continuent à proférer des insultes.
I really don't know why people hound Yulia. Insulting is language of stupid guys. Try to argue WITHOUT insult. It will be more pleasant.

on Tuesday, July 20th, joe adams said

i knew the ugly one of tatu would turn out to be a slut lol.
she probably should be assisinated by lena fans now.

on Tuesday, July 20th, liz said

enough of the insults to one another. it's getting really childish here. i don't amanda appreciates what is going on here. can we just respect one another's opinions without calling each other names?

and adrian, please STFU!

on Tuesday, July 20th, laila said

if people continue to defend yulia, then i have absolutely no words to define what --- they are presenting themselves to be. seriously, it is time u people stop bowing infront of yulia's fotos or worship her like god.
she really is a bad person.
its time she learns that fans are not on her side.


on Tuesday, July 20th, bob said

I bet Yulia's project is financed 100% from the money she earns by sleeping with all those ugly men.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Xandra said

ok all u --- are soo dumb, u cant even imagine how ridiculous u --- and --- sound by ridiculously defending Yulia's latest piece of shit drama.
clearly, this dumb bitch doesnt know how things work. she is jealous of lena because shes hardworking whereas yulia hasnt even done anything yet.
u --- need to learn to curse yourselves for being so stupid. stop accusing neutral fans that are able to see both sides. u people are like ooh dont say anything to our dear motherfucker yulia because shes just perfect. well move on!!arent u all tired of defending this dumb slut whose only meida attention left is her bitchy acts and big fake lips.
laters shes gonna curse her own fans and then what the hell r u --- gonna do?find more excuses of "nooo she probably meant someone else..."? pls im sick and tired of --- like u. get a brain and get a life. get over yulia and stop wanking to her big fake lips because they look so beautiful to u.


on Tuesday, July 20th, flyx23 said

Yulia has been a whore right from the start.
all these times, the bizzare way she was acting, now it all makes sense.
dont dare to even dream about a next tatu album because this fucking slut just destroyed each and everything about tatu.

yulia owes lena an apology and to lena fans as well.

on Tuesday, July 20th, a said

Tyegoo, STFU! You dont even know who Yulia has slept with you ---! And she got lip "enhancement" get the fuck over it! Im sure your not much to look at either!


on Tuesday, July 20th, Cassandra said

I have to be as supid as many fans here, but I'll insult: What is the aim of insulting Yulia (apart looking stupid) ? You're all impolite, and your excuse is : " Yulia-was-nasty-with-Lena ! ". Mais merde quoi ! Yulia told what a lot of fans thought. And she does what she wants. She's free from all the rumors and she doesn't mind of what the others think. I'm happy for her if she's happy like that. It's her life, her thought, she tells what she wants because we are in a democracy. And none of your comments are constructive, none ! You chose easyness : insults. Décevant.

on Tuesday, July 20th, tyegoo said

Relax, its just the side effect of sleeping with too many different guys.

Yulia is a selfish bitch, that's not a secret. But telling people how stupid other's project is was just insane.

Maybe it's cuz her lips are bigger now that she's getting bitchy.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Cassandra said

Ah, ok, d'accord...

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Cassandra, no Yulia doesnt have a Twitter! (-_- ) I was making a joke.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Diamond said

Okkkkaaayyyy,mot only did Yulia took aim at Lena for singing TATU songs, but she also said Lena's current project will be stupid.

I'm sorry that was TOTALLY uncalled for.

I wonder how the guys (Sven, etc) feel about this.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Cassandra said

I didn't know that Yulia tells about her solo project on Twitter... I don't find it !

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

TaTyTu, Im mad cus dumb fucks like YOU exist! Just kidding... Lawl.

Im not mad, just I LOVE ranting and telling people off... lol

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

lol, a.d.R.I.a.n., why u mad tho?

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Oh and sorry Amanda, for saying so much bad words.

Imma go take a pill, my blood sugar is high...

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

And another thing, --- like Anon who say shit about Yulia being a bad mother sound like idiots!! Do any of you --- know how Vika and Sam are doing? Do any of you see her kids in interviews and have pictures of how they are doin? NO! How can you --- assume shes a horrible mother if theres no proof of that??

I cant believe some of you can even call themselves fans! And I swear, some of you need to grow a fucking brain!

Its truly sad how some of you "fans" are acting!

oh and I like how the people who arent against Yulia seem smarter then the other ---.


on Tuesday, July 20th, nike said

oh I'm taken aback!

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Wtf? Me, they both have solos! But Lena's has more movement.

I swear to god, some of you "fans" are ---! Just because Yulia doesn't say she has this many song done, or performs a solo concert DOESN'T mean she isnt doing anything! Are any of you --- with her? Are you walking behind? DO you have her fucking Twitter account where she tells us ALL that she is doing? No you don't! STFU because you don't know what Yulia is doing and only know what you know cus of fan sites!


NO! STFU and stop being --- by saying shes ugly and a whore! Do any of you --- have Yulia's Pussy's Twitter and know whos shes banging? NO!

And whats with you --- telling Yulia to fuck old? All of her boyfriends are young and most of them arent as sucssesful as Yulia!


on Tuesday, July 20th, anon said

yulia fucking bitch can rot in hell and kiss her boyfriends with her big fake lips...who the hell is she to say such things? as if her solo album will be breaking records worldwide. No. she cant sing. she sucks. shes rude. a whore. a careless mother and a bad unfaithful friend. curse u yulia CURSE U!!

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

I've always thought that doing separated solo projects for both Lena and Yulia will end up with failure, I know Lena and the band are working hard to satisfied us but I don't feel like her solo project will make her famous again, the only thing "IF" she became famous again is tatu's reputation. sorry thats just my opinion.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Amanda said

Tatiana, we DID post the right translation. We would not post a wrong translation. We are a fansite.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Cassandra said

I think Yulia is quite rude, but for me she's right. Lena's project is not original, it is ALL American music with English lyrics. I'm a big fan of t.A.T.u. & Yulia & Lena but I realize that Lena's music is not original at all. We can hear this type of music at the radio every day, pity :'( But I still love them =) And I believe that Yulia told what many fans think.

on Tuesday, July 20th, samantha said

well could you stop talking about yulia's look and could you spare us your unsence comments and i'm very oppend to contrary opinions but let them have a sence what has her look anything to do with her work she is a great artist and doen't need nor your respect nor your support

on Tuesday, July 20th, christina said

i hope everything good for lena because she deserve it but she should stop using tatu songs because it is showing thatshe is not capable to reliye on herself.yulia is saying the truth even thought some of the translation is wrong and overrated yulia show with this interview that she say the truth of her opinion she doesn't speak in the back

on Tuesday, July 20th, anthony said

if someone want to make a comment please let him have a respect 4 himself and make a comment in it's right place and stop blaming the way yulia looks she have the right to do whatever she want and you have the right to comment but respect yourselves first and yulia is working on her solo project and i wish her full sucess as should every tatu fan wish

on Tuesday, July 20th, ricky said

i kind respect a lot yulia because she is a mother of 2 kids and is living her life and this is what they both are supposed to be they come one in the life and yulia doesn't care about what people say because people say everytime something .lena should live her life

on Tuesday, July 20th, marla said

maybe lena shows that she is proud of what tatu achieved where is the problem?eventhought yulia have a point of view but the translation is wrong .

on Tuesday, July 20th, tatiana said

before saying anything send the true translation and then go all of you stupied guys who are making bad comments about yulia knows what she is speaking about and you seem all so dumb because her appearence has nothing to do with her work so now i know when you have nothing to say you just begin blaming her appearence so stopped because it shows how u're not true fans

on Tuesday, July 20th, tony said

yulia doesn't need any of your support if you call your self fans so go think again who fans should react they should support your star now to let them down and why are you pissed if lots of mens are intressted in her ?what that bother you anyway and you don't have the right to say that she is sitting not doing anything at least sshe doesn't use tatu songs she is doing what is truly called a solo project

on Tuesday, July 20th, jenny said

lena has the right to do preformance of tatu but with all my respect she should have started her own stuff let her leave the tatu stuff alone as a memory for both of our beloved girls and if she make tatu preformance and so also yulia have the right to sing them it makes no sese just like they never made anything

on Tuesday, July 20th, abby said

i don't think that the people who spesks about yulia 's apperances because it has nothing to do with whatever she said and she have a point so respect it and i don't think that lena is mad at her because they lived like 10 years together and worked 4 them just fine and tha's a great point to proove that yulia is honest and say whatever is right to her she doesn't lie and say whtever people wants to hear my full respect to yulia

on Tuesday, July 20th, G said

Thanks Scott ;)
@ 4 the individual posting even longer-winded "oppinions" than mine, lol (no, not T.h.A.t.B.o.Y)- u r clearly not fluent in russian urself and ur stance is quite clear. Dismount the horse :P

on Tuesday, July 20th, Amanda said

I think that the discussion is necessary. But unfortunately, some fans are incapable of using constructive criticism on Yulia, Lena and t.A.T.u.; instead, they use poor insults.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Ira V said

It's so easy to say Yulia is doing nothing. So if she doesn't show everything she's doing it means she's doing nothing? She's taking the right way to go: Get everything ready and THEN show. She's not in a hurry. Katina was in a hurry and had to use t.A.T.u. songs cause what she's got is not enough... I'm SO SORRY but her first performance was t.A.T.u. performance without Yulia plus some new solo songs... She could have done it the way Yulia is doing it, starting from 0. Don't forget Yulia is mom of 2 children she's got not so much free time as Katina and the whole team she used to work with is with Katina. A solo prject, as any other career is hard to build and needs time to grow up, you can't be in a hurry.
And sorry for offending some of you but mentioning her appearence is such a low move wich has nothing to do with the interview itself.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Amanda said

Kristen, it was not translated incorrectly, nor taken out of context. Many Russian speakers have acknowledged this translation.

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

I agree Kristen, especially in #3.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Kristen said

No problem, I'll dumb it down for you.

#1. Don't believe everything you hear or read unless you have the brain of a goldfish.

#2. If the 'translation' for the interview said that she told everyone to go fuck themselves, people might believe it.

#3. Yulia and Lena are both great artists and will continue to be. I'm sure someone screwed up with the translation as there are other translations of this interview out there.

I don't know what else to sum up, it's hard when people have poor attention spans. ._.

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

Kristen, tl;dr

on Tuesday, July 20th, Kristen said

Also.. my personal take on it is this. Yulia does have a point, and I don't believe she's calling Lena dumb. I think her point that she was trying to make is that Lena should start fresh with new music instead of t.A.T.u music that has been performed for many years. As a t.A.T.u fan I wouldn't mind hearing Lena perform these in general, but I do believe that Yulia does have a point. In a way she may be worrying about this if Lena continues to do this and not put her own songs out quickly enough. (Yes, Lost in This Dance is a great song)..but perhaps she should get more great songs out to perform before continuing to have shows.

I do believe that Lena is working hard to promote herself and her music (as well as the rest of her band), but anyone who thinks that Yulia is calling Lena dumb doesn't even have half a brain ._. - As fans we have supported them both in the past, and I will continue to support them both. I know I already ranted once on here but I can't stress it enough, seeing as how many childish comments were made towards a great girl like Yulia. Yeah, she 'seems to move quickly through guys', and Yeah 'she has a lot of kids'...but the divorce rate is so high anyway, so it makes sense to see something perfectly normal happening such as moving through people quickly. This does not make Yulia a bad person. And although we may not agree with her physical 'enhancements', such as her lips, that doesn't change who she is on the inside. She is a very successful woman just like Lena is. Yulia and Lena have both grown up since they were first in the music industry at very young ages.

Hate towards someone is easily fueled, and although people are open to their own opinions, just think before you say something. And remember, like I said in my first rant, you can't always believe anything you see or read. If you don't take any of my advice, perhaps consider this piece here to take in regards to Yulia:

Relax. See what the future holds for Lena Katina as well as Yulia Volkova. I'm sure everything will work itself out. If you are a negative person lurking in the dark, waiting to find something to chew on, then don't look like an idiot at least if you're going to make a comment.


on Tuesday, July 20th, Kamil said

Julia, we love you!

on Tuesday, July 20th, Kristen said

I think you guys are all idiots if you believe the translation that was actually given. Am I saying that it's wrong? No, but if the person who posted the translation said that Yulia said for everyone to go fuck yourselves, you'd believe it. Maybe you guys need to chill out and realize that this was just a translation, which could be poorly translated, misunderstood, or taken the wrong way. Really, with the video of the interview, she doesn't look pissy at all.

Everyone knows the chemistry Yulia and Lena had as friends, I wouldn't go judging Yulia for the way someone 'translated' the interview. The only people that need respect lost from them are all of the folks who keep making negative comments when this may not be the true translation. If you call yourself a fan and you post in such a negative manner, or just because of one interview you 'lose respect for someone', you are a waste of a breath and Yulia wouldn't need your support anyway. To sum up what I'm saying, don't believe everything you read unless you do 100% know the language. There are other translations out there, but go off of what you do actually know and go from there.

Don't act like an uneducated idiot if you're going to "lose respect for someone."

For all of those who said Lena is more talented, you are entitled to your own opinion, but if you are saying that because you're pissed at this supposed interview, you're also an idiot.

Yulia and Lena are both very talented artists, and I'm happy that we have had them around. I don't rate either better than the other, but regardless they are extremely talented.

If this in fact was a very close translation, she could have just had a bad an other normal human being. No one is pristine or perfect at all and no one will ever be.

If you wish to reply with a nasty comment, go for it, it will just prove my point about how dumb you are. This is not calling ANYONE dumb unless they take it that way, by the way, this is for those who jump immediately to someone's side without having the facts about an incident such as the translation of this interview.

For all true t.A.T.u, Lena, and Yulia fans, hats off to all of you.

For all of the idiots who have nothing better to do than be negative because they are brainwashed children who will believe anything they hear or read, keep it up! You're going to get really far in life... Oooh the sarcasm.


on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

She better go fuck older men and have more children and leave Lena alone.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Me said

Um, actually adrian, I take it you can't speak Russian. Yulia says that she thinks its stupid of Lena to use the old songs and soon her career will die away, along with many other cruel things a person who is supposedly friends for over 10 years with should never say. That's not mean to you?
Yulia is a jealous bitch who craves media attention. At least Lena has a solo career.

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

Now she gave me a reason to continue working on my "R.I.P Yulia" video that I'm planning to make.

I lose my respect for her, she turns into a bitch, or more like a slut whore.

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Wow, you people are REALLY getting over exagerated! Yulia just said its stupid that Lena would use oldt.A.T.u. song for her SOLO! She NEVER called you something offensive! I can understand her point. but she seems too harsh... and why are you guys comparing Yulia and Lena? Idiots like the people who run a certain fansite have the title "YULIA VS LENA" like if they fucking hate each other! Us fans are making it seem that way! Yulia didnt even say anything THAT mean! She doesnt deserve to be called a whore, cunt or bitch! Just calm down and think about the WHOLE situation!

on Tuesday, July 20th, Mel said

Go Jenn

on Tuesday, July 20th, G said

Hey Yulia- wanna talk about withering away a career? well how about we start with U deciding that ur being "restricted" by the only thing that anyone will ever remember u 4!?!? Not 2 mention the only reason u ever got any attention! U really are a deluded and selfish traitor- 2 ur partner in fame, and 2 everything u once claimed 2 b. The only ppl that wer going 2 buy the "AMAZING" sh!t u release were tatu fans- and I can say with confidence that u have seriously P!SSED OFF the majority of that audience now (the ones with @ least half a brain anyway). Also- think about this YOUR MAJESTY- u and Lena promoting new projects: Lena by working hard and utilising aspects of proven popularity, U filling ur face with sh!t and acting like a total C*NT ... ... ... do u ACTUALLY believe ur own bullsh!t ??? Then again, i never tire of being right- so thanks 4 that, Ho! ;)

on Tuesday, July 20th, RemiRem said


on Tuesday, July 20th, KC said

She's just jealous because Lena is and always has been more talented than her. Lena works hard and deserves success. Yulia is just washed up.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Aryle said

Lena has a right to sing those songs. She did work on a ton of the demos. There's nothing wrong with her being proud of old work that she was a part of. Singers always perform older work because:
a) nostalgia
b) they don't want to give everything away.

I think Lena did it because she wanted to. There was no secret plot or lack of material. It was just that she wanted to sing olde and new songs she was proud of. Some one on here mentioned Paul McCartney singing Beatles songs. I don't see much of a difference.

I don't have a guess for why Yulia is acting the way she is. Lena has always been gracious of Yulia in interviews. It seems unwarranted, mean, and mostly...random.

on Tuesday, July 20th, I said

Ira :
Yulia fans will be Yulia fans...

on Monday, July 19th, Candace said

Watching the video clip,it seems like some of the translation has been left out above. Does anyone know what the other interview questions are or Yulia's answers?

on Monday, July 19th, Liz said

@ Ira no I did NOT complain. There is nothing wrong with a solo artist singing a song from their former band. Paul McCartney still performs a Beatle song or two during his tours.

My problem is that Yulia is doing nothing but partying and getting plastic into her small body. If she wants to start a successful (not going to happen) solo career, she should get her ass into a recording studio and work on some god damn tracks. Lena did it.

That is why I compaired t.A.T.u's "hiatus" to the Beatles break up. Expect a Behind The Music episode.

on Monday, July 19th, Ira V said

Yulia is right. She's talking about Katina's project as a SOLO project, where t.A.T..u songs should be out. Many "fans" did complain when we knew Katina was gonna sing t.A.T.u. songs. You have to start from O, not using t.A.T.u. to promote yourself. Why that hurry? Maybe the way she said it seemed harsh and all, but she was right.

on Monday, July 19th, cvw220 said

nvm differ vide

on Monday, July 19th, cvw220 said

I swear someone translated this same video before saying she was talking about her daughter going to school soon and her break up with Parviz and remaining friendship.

Yulia was probably stressed out how successful Lena is, and how she is far behind, Yulia is going through a lot.

on Monday, July 19th, Ryan said

to everyone bad mouthing her over this. i didnt see it as jelousy. tatu didnt get as succesful after ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID, they slowly went downhill and now they have gone solo. if anything i think Julia was insisting she make a NEW start and be something other than tatu so that her career doesnt follow the same ending.

on Monday, July 19th, obez17 said

This is what I always feared would happen. What does she expect to get out of saying such things to the media???

on Monday, July 19th, *Mimi* said

Wow! Well my respect to Yulia is gone!! Nice to say that about Lena's career is going to disappear. Instead of being jealous of Lena, she should stop doing things to her lips, stop finding rich men, get her ass up, & start making music! She's going to lose fans for saying stupid comments like this! I'm sorry Yulia, but you really need to wake up & smell the coffee.

*ends rant*

on Monday, July 19th, Kevin said

that's what I call ENVY, why doesn't she makes something? she haven't a shit, that's why she doesn't makes a solo career, I just hope her fucking career (if it's ever exists) won't be sucessful

on Monday, July 19th, Kevin said

WHAT THE FUCK?! is she kidding us? she spent the last years searching for rich men and left the music like a hobbie, she's a fucking joke, my respect for her doesn't exist anymore, I don't give a fuck about what the rest of the people who reads it will say but now Yulia is nothing, but A ATTENTION WHORE

on Monday, July 19th, jenn said

Jealous much?

Woman, get off your fat lips and get to work on your own music already. She has no right to diss Lena about her career when she obviously isn't doing shit.

on Monday, July 19th, Jesus Moreno said

Holy shit man lol shit just got real

on Monday, July 19th, Fabian said

Whoa Yulia! Geez, bitch enough?

on Monday, July 19th, Sparkz said

going with my last comment most my respect for yul has kinda shrunk :(

on Monday, July 19th, Sparkz said

omg :(

on Monday, July 19th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Wow... Im not mad a Yulia, but she seemed so bitchy! And its NOT backstabbing! Dont get your pannies in a bunch! She just said she didnt agree with Lena using their old songs! Yulia didnt call Lena a fire crotch or something awful! And Jake, this isnt about comparing Yulia and Lena! Dont make them seem like they hate eachother! I still have alot of respect for Yulia! becuase I know how she can get! and this must be why I Hate Volkova called Yulia a bitch and whore lol

on Monday, July 19th, liz said

@Jake LOL @ the Pete Burns comment. Is he still alive?

on Monday, July 19th, jake said

She should think before saying things, I mean there is nothing wrong with the songs Lena decided to sing from T.A.T.U and her new songs are fantastic. At least Lena can speak and sing English better. Slightly angry at this comment she has made. She is getting to look more like Pete Burns everyday. Respect gone

on Monday, July 19th, Vika said

Peepz, this interview is from Jun. 3, and after that Lena and Yulia had an picture together with Sven. Relax, peepz. Love Yulia and Lena anyway. Lenka know that Yulia is spontaneous and I believe everything is okay between them. ♥

on Monday, July 19th, liz said

i want to say this, lena has every right to do a tatu song or two at her solo concerts. that is how fans remember her.

maybe that plastic and fame has gone over yulia's head. she should be grateful for this!

like my facebook status' says: F.U.Y.V.!

on Monday, July 19th, Elise said

Wow, I agree with everyone else here. The respect I had left for her is now gone. Lena has been nothing but a beautiful, loyal friend to her. There is no need for such comments. As Liz said, at least Lena has class!

on Monday, July 19th, Amanda said

I can never look at Yulia the same way again.

on Monday, July 19th, Kayla said

Did she do this for more attention or something?
Because that bikini did it for me... >__>

on Monday, July 19th, liz said

it official: my respect for yulia has gone out the window.

at least lena has CLASS!

on Monday, July 19th, RemiRem said


on Monday, July 19th, Eimi said

Remember all that respect I earned back for her?
Yep, it's gone now.
She's a true American girl - a backstabbing friend.

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