Show Me Love (Sven Martin Remix)


We have uploaded an exclusive, uncompressed high-quality version of Sven Martin's "Show Me Love" remix. Click here to download it in AIFF and mp3 format.

Message from Andrew:
Back in 2006 when The Best was set to release, Sven Martin (live keyboardist for t.A.T.u. and current keyboardist for Lena's solo project) did a remix for the English version of the song Show Me Love.

During that time, he played it for Ivan which apparently loved it, but after all the record label politics that went on at the time, the remix was scrapped, and simply just ended up on Sven's MySpace music player for a short while, as well as floating around as a low quality MP3 that someone ripped at the time.

Fast forward to the night of May 30th, 2010, after Lena's solo concert in Los Angeles: quoth09 talked with Sven after the show about the remix, as well as inquiring if anything was ever going to be done with it. After a bit of patience, persistence, and almost 2 months time, the audio was acquired directly from Sven himself, and is available as an exclusive release here on!

Special thanks to Sven Martin for sending this and allowing it to be released, quoth09 for his efforts, and Amanda / for hosting the files.
Andrew on 07.27.10 @ 12:08 AM CST [link] [18 Comments]

AllMyLove.Org Giveaway

Source: AllMyLove.Org

We are pleased to announce that Nabil from Pakistan has won two official postcards of Lena Katina. Congratulations, Nabil! And thank you to everyone who entered!

Amanda on 07.21.10 @ 10:02 AM CST [link] [29 Comments]

Video: Lena Katina vlog (07.20.10)


Lena Katina made a new video blog on July 20, 2010, including a response to Yulia Volkova's recent interview.

Lena: I saw Yulia's interview. Of course I got upset. But I want to tell everybody that I have a completely opposite attitude towards the whole situation, Yulia's project included. I believe she's a very talented person and I sincerely hope that she'll be successful in all the things she plans. I guess some of you were waiting for my comment about this, so it was the comment to the situation and to the discussion on the forum.

Amanda on 07.20.10 @ 08:59 AM CST [link] [50 Comments]

Video: MTV Interview (07.17.10)


Yulia Volkova was interviewed by MTV Russia on July 17, 2010. Thanks to Fanta (

Yulia: She [Lena] has the right to do it [sing t.A.T.u. songs], but it's so stupid, absolutely stupid. If you do a solo career, it means that you do your own work. Her stuff, that she makes, I think, is silly and very soon her career will wither away and disappear.
MTV: Yulia, relax, where is the problem if she sings the old songs?

Amanda on 07.19.10 @ 07:34 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Unknown


New photos of Yulia Volkova. More information will be posted when available. Thanks to Gina (

Amanda on 07.18.10 @ 05:38 PM CST [link]