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08/04/2010: "Gallery Update: Unknown (08.04.10)"


New photos of Yulia Volkova. Thanks to sunm, Gina and little_polar_bear (

Edit: More photos added.

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on Friday, August 13th, YUIA-EXPOSED said

She considers tatu a thing of past, of 10 yrs old. it was all accidental for her. now she has moved on and has absolutely forgotten about all her fans because shes not used to music industry anymore and considers herself a partying russian whore whose celebrity not for creativity but for for random slutty actions and surgery.
she has not communicated with her " fans " at all with use of a proper medium-tv,radio,diary,internet-NOTHING at all.

on Wednesday, August 11th, tatytu said

i dont blame parviz 4 breaking up with her.

on Wednesday, August 11th, badboy79 said

So instead of apologizing to Lena, the bitch goes all slutty and partying.

I hope the wildfires in Russia burn her ugly face!and so she realizes that Lena was right!oh wait!she wouldnt!cuz shes the dumbest arrogant russian bitch ever!instead she will go for more botox and plastic to rub on her ashes burnt face and lips.

on Monday, August 9th, Faiza said

sorry for being rude I was a bit angry... I know I should use proper english, so I must say, I'm no longer supporting yulia until she realizes her idiocracy and takes initiative to make changes to become a better icon to get her fans back... maybe even apologize for disapointing us...

on Monday, August 9th, Faiza said

I applaud for volkova, and I will applaud even more if she comes out with a sex tape or maybe even porn... yup yup... expecting those... definately >_>

on Sunday, August 8th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Did we even NEED to know the differnces? No one is comparing Lena and Yulia. The fans sound like idiots when they do that.

Its OBVIOUS Lena has a better head on her shoulders but I prefer Yulia's voice lol Both are orgasm inducing anyway.

on Sunday, August 8th, liz said

anytime, friend! :)

on Sunday, August 8th, Amanda said

Thank you Liz.

on Sunday, August 8th, liz said

diffrences between yulia and lena.

lena: photos of her in the recording studio, website opens, releases demo, performs at concerts, free download of a song!

yulia: plastic sugery, spray on tan, paparazzi photos, partying, not wearing panties.

now, i'm not insulting anyone here. This is what the girls are doing on their hiatus.

and to the people that want yulia's pictures off this site, this is amanda's site. she has every right to post any news that is available to us (good or bad).

on Sunday, August 8th, Rhi said

I used to be absolutely in love with Yulia when I was first introduced to t.A.T.u. years ago. She had the perfect sound for the band, and was absolutely gorgeous. Now, I must say that I agree with many of the other t.A.T.u. fans. She has completely lost her appeal to me. She shows absolutely no momentum as an artist - we only see her at parties and other events! She also shows us that she truthfully has very little self confidence. She changes her appearance way too much. It's as if she's try to prove herself again to people that already love her.

Yulia, my love, though you will never read this, this is what I hope you will do. Take some time and get your life back together. I don't want to lose any more respect for you than I already have. I welcome change, because I know people can not stay the same forever, but I beg you. Love yourself, and get your life back in order.

on Sunday, August 8th, Aryle said

These photos make me wonder, again, what Yulia is doing. They aren't horrible photos, however, they aren't photos of her in a studio. Recording.

My opinion on Yulia is this: I can't muster respect and interest for any artist that continues to behave in a manner that is increasingly reprehensible.

And Amanda, I'm sad I can't like your responses in this and other comment threads! You're well spoken and always on point. And deliver excellent burns when necessary xD.

on Sunday, August 8th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I dont remember who this goes to... but theres a difference between negative comments and insults. "I hate Yulia's voice." and "Yulia's voice is fucking ugly and shes a disgusting bitch!" Theres a differnce.

I can take and agree with negative comments. People have opinions, and I NEVER disrespct them. But when comments sound like insults, thats when I get fucking annoyed and respond.

In my opinion, Yulia is STILL gorgeous. Shes a very stunning women with a strong personality. But I agree and can see that Yulia doesnt hve the voice she used to have before 2003. She still has a good voice. Her husky voice is something I love about Yulia! <3

But the bitch needs to stop making duck faces at the camera and get her ass in the fucking studio! She needs to get her solo in motion!

on Saturday, August 7th, Amanda said

Uni, you are not required to view the latest photos on our photo gallery.

on Saturday, August 7th, uni said

please dont post photos of sluts and we wont bother posting bad comments again.
just stop posting not so appealing photos of her.

on Saturday, August 7th, Elise said

Well said Courtney, I agree wholeheartedly :)

on Friday, August 6th, Liz said

Thank you Courtney!

on Friday, August 6th, Liz said

Thank you Courtney!

on Friday, August 6th, Courtney said

"Ryan, to be honest, it is difficult for me to continue to support her solo career, because she has presented herself as an unprofessional, unproductive artist, that does not acknowledge her fan base. I apologize if my opinion may have offended you or anyone else. "

^^ VERY well said Amanda. Always a well spoken and mature young lady you are! :

And Ryan,
yes t.A.T.u. did stand for love and still does and since Yulia was a part of t.A.T.u. should not she also be showing love (maybe also equality and respect) to her (former) fellow band member and her fans instead of acting like she is better than everyone else and they should be honored to be in her presence?

Seems to be she has forgotten all of what she helped portray and promote while in t.A.T.u.... She has done a total 180. You gotta EARN and SHOW respect to others before it can be shown and be given back. ;) Yulia has shown NONE of those things written above (besides being rude, egotistical and arrogant, skanky etc.) so I don't see why we should be obligated to respect her and show her love when she won't show it to anyone else (and obviously to her own self).

I'm sure Lena is more disappointed in the path Yulia has taken more than our comments.

on Friday, August 6th, Ryan said

Thank you Amanda :) x

on Friday, August 6th, Amanda said

Listen here.
If you are going to criticize Yulia, then you should do it properly. "Bitch," "Whore," "Ugly," or any other offensive slang is not proper critique. If you are incapable of writing a sentence using proper English, grammar, spelling and punctuation, then please do not comment. I will no longer tolerate this amount of illiteracy on my website.

on Friday, August 6th, Cookies said

I wonder what live must be like for Yulia's children. She's not really a good rolemodel :/ Maybe she's having a veeeeeery early midlife crisis ;) She'll come down to earth, I'm sure.

@Tabinta: ROFL!

on Friday, August 6th, kylie said

yulia looks really great and beautiful and gorgous as always yulia you 're the best .and people what's wrong with you you don't give a staight opinion like whatever this woman does u blame her just because u hate her and put all ur hate undercover while saying and blaming her look or blaming that she have change don't be like that. best wishes for you yuls .

on Friday, August 6th, cynthia said

LOL @liz ! yulia should singing more often than posing :/ if not go be a model -_-

on Friday, August 6th, Tabinta said

lol Kesha220

maybe such fans should do a video version of " LEAVE YULIAAA ALONEEE *crycrycry*

on Friday, August 6th, Kesha220 said

Dear "method2madness" and "Ryan"

You guys realize how ignorant you dumb asses sound right now? Cheeez get out of here if u like to worship prostitutes and whores and plastic looking ugly bitches aka YULIA. get the f*** of this website and cry over some shitty old fotos of Yulia cuz thats all such stupid fans like u do-Whine whine whine whine!!

on Thursday, August 5th, G said

@Amanda- beautiful: very diplomatic & fair.
@FYI- Good point! Right-on ;)

on Thursday, August 5th, Veronika said

lol maybe so, but we all have our own opinions and they aren't for everyone :D

on Thursday, August 5th, method2madness said

If you have nothing nice to say, do us all a favor and say nothing at all. This is a t.A.T.u. fan website for t.A.T.u. fans. Lena would be ashamed of your negativity!

on Thursday, August 5th, Veronika said

I never liked Yulia. I never really hated her either until she became a classless bitch.

on Thursday, August 5th, liz said

ryan, i used to like yulia, until she hooked up with yoko parviz. then everything went down hill. what she needs is celebrity rehab with dr.drew!

on Thursday, August 5th, Ryan said

Thank you. Now can you answer me 1 more question, why cant everyone else be as well spoken? It doesnt offend me in the least, everyone is entitled to opinions. id rather be able to come on this site and not see such under-educated "people" gang up on a woman they once looked up to with slander and rude names. can you understand where i come from? this site is highly respected by Lena and the team, but to me its becoming a play ground where all the kids pick on one.

on Thursday, August 5th, Amanda said

Ryan, to be honest, it is difficult for me to continue to support her solo career, because she has presented herself as an unprofessional, unproductive artist, that does not acknowledge her fan base. I apologize if my opinion may have offended you or anyone else.

on Thursday, August 5th, Ryan said

Amanda. What is your views on Julia?

on Thursday, August 5th, Amanda said

Tatulover, I understand your concern. But the fact is, the majority of t.A.T.u. fans are upset about the recent changes in her personality, physical appearance, and behavior. She has lost most of her fan base. There's nothing that I, you, or any other fan can do to change that.

on Thursday, August 5th, Ryan said

will you all shut the F**K UP!! so what is Julia commented on Lenas approach to getting media attention. GET OVER IT! Shes poseing who cares? i do actually cause shes sexy and hot. I love Lena and i Love Julia. these 2 ladies brought all of us together, The Band of Fans. Since Julias little interview a giant split has come amongst alot of people. Julia is NOT a cheap slag! she is who she always has been SIMPLE. If Lena reads this thread of hate messages towards Julia im sure shed be dissapointed. i know im dissapointed at the fact tATu stood for Love, and you all express nothing of the sort.

on Thursday, August 5th, tatulover said

please Amanda don't let the people in this site say bad word about yulia she is from tatu

on Thursday, August 5th, Tabinda said


Please Amanda dont post photos of this bitch anymore. Sitting on a chair with her legs open in some cheap hotel trying to make it look like a photoshoot.

She disgusts me nor had i ever developed any liking for Yulia since WhiteRobe era.

on Thursday, August 5th, Veronika said

LOL @ Liz! She does look like Candice Michelle... Why I never noticed before, IDK XD

on Thursday, August 5th, C said

Haha. Yeah, I agree with Liz.

on Thursday, August 5th, FYI said

CSI - Typical Yulia fan. No one else wants to see more pics of this trainwreck. We've seen enough pics.

on Thursday, August 5th, Liz said

If you look closely in these photos, you can tell that she's on something.

Ps. For the love of god, please close your legs.

Pps. And stop trying to look like Candice Michelle. It's not working.

on Thursday, August 5th, Veronika said

Yuck. Well, one thing's for sure... Yulia can't even keep her legs together even in photos... slut.

on Thursday, August 5th, Me said

I'm scared & sad!
There's nothing from the old good looking Yulia.

I can't understand her.
She says bad things about lena and prefer to hang with hollywood bitches insted of to work on her solo project.

on Thursday, August 5th, CSI said

@FYI FYI-To hell with you.

on Thursday, August 5th, FYI said

method2madness - No one cares.

on Thursday, August 5th, shanany said

oooh girl wtf r u doin to yaself??r u kidding me? the slut's legs r wayyy widde un that aint right. girl, get up n get some SERIOUS therapy.

on Thursday, August 5th, gorman said

People, forget the old Yulia. The old one was just trying to find who she was and now that she has found out shes a transparent plastic whore, she has forgotten the old Yulia forever.
Hence, thank God, I never idolized her like a crazy Yulia fanatic.

on Thursday, August 5th, iknowwatimtalkingabout said

Russian Slut acting like an American slut. Why am I not surprised?So fake!

on Thursday, August 5th, method2madness said

missing two from Santa Sasha's facebook. A close up of Yulia and her sitting. And another beach one with Yulia in the background in the same bathing suit as the one seen her wearing with Igor.

on Wednesday, August 4th, fi said

i love her too.. i js don't like how she's changing and everything's js different and js like amanda, i hate change. i js want tatu back

on Wednesday, August 4th, tatulover said

ok my opinion i love you yulia always and forever waiting for your songs your the best girl in the world

on Wednesday, August 4th, fi said

ugh.. i totally agree with G. she looks so transparent. it's like i'm not even looking at the same person. i want the old yulia back :/ looking at these pictures make me bitter

on Wednesday, August 4th, liz said

god i hate her. my eyes are bleeding right now.

on Wednesday, August 4th, Elise said

I wish people would stop complaining about the negative comments already! Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to voice it if they want to. Without both sides it would be boring!

on Wednesday, August 4th, G said

I dont understand why she started acting like a plastic wannabe. She looks really transparent & insecure.

on Wednesday, August 4th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

God damn it Yulia! Do something camera ready bitch! I wanna hear a song, a demo something! I want you to luanch your site alreadyyyyy! Daaaaamn...

on Wednesday, August 4th, fan said

Deep in my heart i hope too that t.A.T.u. will comeback again, so im trying to do all i can for them.

on Wednesday, August 4th, TaTyTu said

when will u ppl realize that tatu is over, its normal for the fans to split out, i don't hate tatu, i love them so much and that why i said that, even tho i know deep down in my heart that tatu will comeback again.

on Wednesday, August 4th, fan said

Thanks. It looks like we have the same opininon in this situation :). I very dont like when fans are fighting for t.A.T.u. - when one side is with Lena, other with Yulia.. With those sides you are splitting group tatu :// I can't let this happenning

on Wednesday, August 4th, TaTyTu said

Suddenly I'm the bad guy, OK Amanda please delete my previous posts.

on Wednesday, August 4th, tatulover said

agree with u fan

on Wednesday, August 4th, tatulover said

TaTyTu please don't forget its from tatu if u don't like the photos don't post any thing

on Wednesday, August 4th, fan said

Yulia just said her opinion about Lena's solo. she's the part of t.A.T.u. just like Lenka I love t.A.T.u. and cant judge anyone.. People try to be more indulgent :)

on Wednesday, August 4th, tatulover said

TaTyTu please don't forget its from tatu if u don't like the photos don't post any thing

on Wednesday, August 4th, TaTyTu said

@Fan, why not, after what she did to us we shouldn't show love 4 her no more.

on Wednesday, August 4th, fan said

<3 Yulka :)
she has her style. if you - TaTyTu dont like her then dont look. and dont post your meaningless comments.

on Wednesday, August 4th, Fabian said

Can't she do anything else besides posing for photos?

on Wednesday, August 4th, TaTyTu said


on Wednesday, August 4th, Karan said

oh mu Yulia.... <3 <3 <3 <3 u so much!! i lyked 1st nd d 3rd frm d gallery!!

on Wednesday, August 4th, Jamaica said

Oh my.

on Wednesday, August 4th, Ryan said

Oh My Darling Julia :D i wish you would hold me in a warm embrace <3