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07/27/2010: "Show Me Love (Sven Martin Remix)"


We have uploaded an exclusive, uncompressed high-quality version of Sven Martin's "Show Me Love" remix. Click here to download it in AIFF and mp3 format.

Message from Andrew:
Back in 2006 when The Best was set to release, Sven Martin (live keyboardist for t.A.T.u. and current keyboardist for Lena's solo project) did a remix for the English version of the song Show Me Love.

During that time, he played it for Ivan which apparently loved it, but after all the record label politics that went on at the time, the remix was scrapped, and simply just ended up on Sven's MySpace music player for a short while, as well as floating around as a low quality MP3 that someone ripped at the time.

Fast forward to the night of May 30th, 2010, after Lena's solo concert in Los Angeles: quoth09 talked with Sven after the show about the remix, as well as inquiring if anything was ever going to be done with it. After a bit of patience, persistence, and almost 2 months time, the audio was acquired directly from Sven himself, and is available as an exclusive release here on!

Special thanks to Sven Martin for sending this and allowing it to be released, quoth09 for his efforts, and Amanda / for hosting the files.

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on Wednesday, August 4th, Ahmad said

Amanda,Do you remember that Lena celebrated her birthday in L.A(2009)& Yulia singed this song for Lena:I have seen the sky of London in a dream.I have seen a kiss with Lenka...
and Lena was crying...
Does Yulia like Lena yet?
what do you think?
I wish see Lena & Yulia on stage...
for ever...
can you say my question to Lena & Yulia?
Ahmad from IRAN

on Monday, August 2nd, cynthia said

thumbs up !

on Sunday, August 1st, Writer said

God, what a way to match their current predicament yes? This is just too beautiful, thanks for getting it.

on Saturday, July 31st, Sammie said

Yeah Adrian, my boyfriend really spoils me. I LOVE playing Ne ver Ne Boisya in the car the most(it's my favorite song of theirs). It sounds incredible. My favorite part of the day is hopping in the car, blasting tatu, and singing along with it.
Oh, and this new remix does indeed go BOOM ^_^

on Thursday, July 29th, Karan said

owsm........... 2 gud..!!

on Wednesday, July 28th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Your welcome tatytu :D

Sammie, Im extremely jealous... Like VERY. I would LOVE to do that with Ne Ver, Ne Boisya and some of my favorite t.A.T.u. remixes! Lucky youuuu!!

on Wednesday, July 28th, Sammie said

I LOVE playing this song in my car with the subs on full blast. It just BOOMS! I can't wait to get this better quality version on my cd player. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!

on Wednesday, July 28th, tatytu said

Didn't notice that, I'm going to delete the old one then. ty Adrian.

on Wednesday, July 28th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

tatytu, theres a MP3 of this very remix BUT the one you have is lower quality. I have it too but I noticed the differnce right away.

on Wednesday, July 28th, tatytu said

I have this since 2007

on Tuesday, July 27th, G said

Gotta say- remix was not/ is not that great. Can't detect significant difference between the old/ new file either. I'm surprised that greater perseverance was not observed in regards to remixing the russian counterpart.

on Tuesday, July 27th, ErAlP said

woaww... This songs is awesome...
Thank everyone who contributed...

on Tuesday, July 27th, Aryle said

This is awesome! :D

on Tuesday, July 27th, Aryle said

This is awesome! :D

on Tuesday, July 27th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Wow! I already have this remix! :O

But I guess I have the low quality remix lol

Still awesome!!

on Tuesday, July 27th, Chris said

Great work!! Thank you ;)

on Tuesday, July 27th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

"English version of Show Me Love" lol

Im on my DSi so Ill check it out tommorow! :D Congrats on AML for getting an exclusive(As always) audio! :D

on Tuesday, July 27th, Only-t.A.T.u. [Agustina] said

thanks Amanda for this amazing Remix, I like i!! :)
Good luck :)