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07/20/2010: "Video: Lena Katina vlog (07.20.10)"


Lena Katina made a new video blog on July 20, 2010, including a response to Yulia Volkova's recent interview.

Lena: I saw Yulia's interview. Of course I got upset. But I want to tell everybody that I have a completely opposite attitude towards the whole situation, Yulia's project included. I believe she's a very talented person and I sincerely hope that she'll be successful in all the things she plans. I guess some of you were waiting for my comment about this, so it was the comment to the situation and to the discussion on the forum.

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on Tuesday, August 10th, G said

@ John- GENIUS! Love the idea of Lena's response vid ending with the footage of her killing Yulia & her failed-douche offspring ;)

on Monday, August 2nd, John said

Hopefully they can move past this. I was first surprised by Yulia's comments because they seemed mean and spiteful. I know some people that speak their minds without thinking about how hateful it can sound. It is nothing wrong with speaking your mind, but Yulia could have used more tact, especially when talking about a friend that she pretty much grew-up with. She probably didn't even realize what she was saying at the time. I went to the concert in Milwaukee and really enjoyed it. I never saw Tatu perform live, but Lena did a excellent job. I would have been disappointed if she had not sung the old Tatu songs. It was these song that made them famous, and I believe the fans will always want to hear them sung. Besides, Waste Management has only been out two years, it's only natural to sing those songs. Twenty years from now, we will still want them to sing All the Things She Said and Not Gonna Get Us. Most concerts have the main act sing for two hours, and most cds only have an hour of music on them. Is Yulia going to have a cd with two hours of music to perform on stage, or is she going to make balloon animals for that second hour. I would still like to see Yulia if she performs in the U.S. Hopefully, they will record a few songs together to be released on their second solo cd release.
The interview seemed to be cut off at the end, but we do know that Yulia seemed to be upset by Lena sing the old songs by the interviewer saying, "Relax, Yulia�" Lena did handle herself more professionally and with restraint. She could have easily had a vlog up the next day cussing Yulia, but she waited several days to make a comment. The only mistake I think that Lena made was not to include the last minute of the White Robe video at the end of her vlog. Sure, it probably would not have helped with the rift between her and Yulia, but it sure would have been funny. Ok, I have a weird and sick sense of humor, but I think Yulia would have got the message. Best of luck with both of their careers.

on Sunday, August 1st, sweeti3 said

Lena is so beautiful and sweet and graceful.
She handled the situation well.
I still cant believe all this happened...

on Wednesday, July 28th, Kayla said

Lena is only being true to her fans. I'm glad she sang t.A.T.u. songs! Especially Fly on the Wall and Craving, as they never sang those songs in concert before and they don't seem to have any plans to have any more performances together.

Yulia is simply jealous. I cannot respect her like I used to. I thought they were best friends. But I would never say that about any of my friends!

on Saturday, July 24th, MA-sha said

There will be updates on the concert in September, right? I live in MD and I'm probably going to fly out to LA just to see her.

on Saturday, July 24th, Dirty Kick said

Fuck, i love t.a.t.u! I dont know why But i love so fucking deep t.a.t.u, i cant see that :( ....

on Saturday, July 24th, cynthia said

see, now thats just CLASS and its always been what distinguished Lena for me cz getting in a catfight would just be low...

on Friday, July 23rd, Jamaica said

I admire Lena for rising above petty comments and responding in dignified and respectful manner. It's commendable, what she did. There's an issue, she acknowledged it, and addressed it without saying anything remotely negative.

Bravo, Lena. You have class. That rates high in my book.

on Friday, July 23rd, a said

Eimi, well said! I agree. I hope t.A.T.u. and fans can move on.

on Friday, July 23rd, Eimi said

I completely agree with Decoy and a.d.R.I.a.n.

Although I loved both girls equally, for they made t.A.T.u. and it isn't t.A.T.u. without BOTH of them, Yulia took the t.A.T.u. image by the horns. Yulia was always more prominent in my mind. But Yulia alone just isn't the same. Lena has grace for herself alone, Yulia just seems to bring an empty container to me.

I cannot begin to express this anger and sadness I have for what Yulia said. It's such a disappointment. From her actions the past 2 years with her career, men she's been with, and her body, she just lost her "Yulia" status in my mind. I hope she'll grow up (or man up, which ever) and all these scandals, rumors, hurtful words will stop and t.A.T.u. can move on. But that's not going to happen if Yulia doesn't take responsibility.

Now, am I angry about her botox? Yes I am. In my opinion, it makes her look like sh*t. I wish she never did that to herself, I thought she was gorgeous and sexy before all that. Now she looks like a train wreck. But am I excusing that for her hurtful words? No. Nor am I bringing in the men that she's been with. Despite how angry I am about all that.
I can understand a poor manly influence, but those men do not control Yulia. And neither does the botox.

On the other hand, I'm so very proud of Lena and her accomplishments. Her solo career, in my opinion, is going wonderful. She seems very happy and passionate in what she does.

I, as a t.A.T.u. fan since 2002, can only wish the best for the girls in whatever they do; whether together or apart.

on Thursday, July 22nd, jenn said


on Thursday, July 22nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

lol I noticed that about fans, I think alot of fans preferred Yulia cus of her looks! But now that Lena is the only natural looking one shes probably preferred now.. lol

I first got into t.A.T.u. only cus of their music, I never saw a picture of them after like 4 weeks of first listening to ATTSS but then my mom bought a computer and I got obsessed with their looks lol I think thats the problem with us humans! We look at appearance too much sometimes :/

I used to prefer Yulia but now I prefer Lena cus she shows more dedication of her fans and is doing more vlogs, but I think once Yulia gets her solo moving our opinions could change! I hope she shows more love for her fans! I sometimes think she doesnt care about us, I think she just wants to be famous lol Im not sure about all this cus i dont wanna regret something I say lol

on Thursday, July 22nd, Decoy said

No problem and thanks! (:

on Thursday, July 22nd, Decoy said

For me it was different. The reason I started liking t.A.T.u. was for their music and for Lena. I always got angry because everything was Yulia, Yulia, Yulia and I was like "Hey, Lena is part of the group too!".

I liked Yulia, but she just has something that annoys me. I don't like her anymore.

on Thursday, July 22nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Decoy, thanks for understanding, and awesome username.

I agree too! I think Yulia likes the attention she gets. It does make her seem like an attention whore at times but Im not sure what to think :/

I still like Yulia and still love Lena. Until one of them says something truly horrible then Ill change my mind.

on Thursday, July 22nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

G, I have too much free time. Keep counting my comments, Thanks hun. ;)

Decoy, thats true! I think Yulia got more credit cus she was always the "hot" one. lol Even I focused more on Yulia cus she was very cute, even tho Im not very interested in girls :P

on Thursday, July 22nd, Decoy said

You know, I totally hate when people don't give Lena enough credit and give it only to Yulia. That's really bad and makes me angry because Lena deserves so much more.

on Thursday, July 22nd, G said

adrian- Are u aware that of the total number of posts still displayed on the last story, 16 of them are your sh!t..!!! 16!!! and thats just the ones still available! YOU STFU!!! and GTFO!!! All u do is throw ur worthless opinions around and criticise other ppls comments. U r a waste of space-literally! You have no right! You are deeply stupid and AML is worse off having u lurking around its site. I pity everyone that comes in2 contact with u, and regret that Amanda endures ur rubbish. GROW UP!

on Thursday, July 22nd, Decoy said

a.d.R.I.a.n. Now that you put it that way, it's different and I totally understand.

The thing is, I know Yulia is the one everywhere in Russia, but for me it's not something to be proud of. She's everywhere not because of her talent, but because of the scandals she makes or her social life.

I really get mad at her because her actions make her look like an attention whore. I have the impression she just wants to be famous for the sake of it.

Saying what Lena's doing is stupid is just another way to get attention, because now everyone will freak out, think they had a fight (which we don't know if the did), start rumours that they hate each other, and more. And to be honest, it just look like she's a little bit jealous because Lena's is working on something solid and she is probably not, who knows.

on Thursday, July 22nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Decoy, I agree with almost EVERYTHING you said! But Yulia is definitely the image of t.A.T.u. in Russia, and I think this because shes the one that makes the scandals and is on Russian magazines more. Thats what I meant.

And if you noticed that little word in my sentence, the word "opinion" then you would know that its my opinion. In MY OPINION Yulia has the better voice, In my OPINION. I like her voice more cus of the raspyness and I think its sexy. Even though I prefer Yulias voice it doesnt mean I know its better then Lena's! Lena's voice is gorgeous and I KNOW her voice is much better then Yulia's! Yes, I prefer Yulia's voice more but I can still tell that Lena's voice is much better and can reach heights Yulia's can't. Does that make sense??

G, STFU already.

on Thursday, July 22nd, G said

@Decoy- THANK YOU!!!! One of the only intelligent posts on here! ;)

on Thursday, July 22nd, Decoy said

"I think Yulia really was t.A.T.u. musically but t.A.T.u. was both, image wise." "In my opinion Yulia's voice is better"

Excuse me, Yulia just was the one making scandals. She is NOT famous because of her talent, cause she lacks of it. She's just in the business because she wants to be famous, that's all she cares about. She had a good voice, yes, but she lost it. The fact that she could reach high notes doesn't mean she was the 'singer' of the group.

Lena is the one with an AMAZING voice. She's the one with talent and passion, she's the one showing us she wants to make music. She's the one doing concerts, working on her album.

Yulia just speaks, speaks, speaks, swears she's working, but her actions are the opposite. All we get from her are paparazzi pictures of her and her new boyfriend, her in a fashion show, photos of her huge ugly lips and that stuff. No music, NOTHING.

on Thursday, July 22nd, aL said

Yulia is just jealous that Lena HAS a solo career, unlike her who all she has is tabloids and stuff.

on Wednesday, July 21st, jake sarson said

Most people here are slagging off Lena's music. A few songs are not great but the rest are interesting, catchy and i cant wait for her album. Julia should not have said what she said, do hope she sends a statement out of apology. Looking forward to both there music and everyone stop slagging Lena's solo. We have not herd remixes mastered versions ect

on Wednesday, July 21st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I think Yulia really was t.A.T.u. musically but t.A.T.u. was both, image wise. I think Lena and Yulia are friends but not the friends they used to be back then. In my opinion Yulia's voice is better, They are both singers and saying one sucks at singing is crazy! I know they dont use lot of Autotune on t.A.T.u. music and they both went to music school so that should say something! And Im certain that t.A.T.u. will have another album! Just cus Yulia said something mean doesnt mean they HATE eachother and t.A.T.u. broke up! I think time well heal t.A.T.u.! We need to think positive!

on Wednesday, July 21st, Adriana said

Bien,mi opinion es q como buena amiga y de suma confianza;Yul hablo y dio su opinión como lo sintió.Tal vez solo se equivoco el hecho de hacerlo publico..Pero en fin,ya sabemos como son las chicas..Quien no tuvo un desliz al hablar de su amiga..?En la amistad tambien hay q saber perdonar,tal como lo hizo Lena.De mi parte las kiero a las dos,y las voy a seguir apoyando 100pre!! Ojala algún día vuelvan a deleitarnos juntas en sus trabajo como tATu.

on Wednesday, July 21st, tatyforever said

lena is a great person,but i think they had some kind of fight or disagreement,and that's why tatu broke up.don't forget that boris renski once said that it wasn't caused for echonomical or creative reasons,so i guess it was because they don't get on well anymore. something happened between them,something changed when parvis got into the scene. there's something strange in this story.
anyway i wish them all the best for their solo projects and i hope they come back soon as tatu!!!! i will love tatu, lena and yulia forever!!!!!!! they mean a lot to me

on Wednesday, July 21st, Mwa-coco said

Yeah Lena ! Be strong !

on Wednesday, July 21st, Karan said

I always admired Julia voice than Lena.. Julia is gr8 nd much better than Lena coz she(JULIA) gives THE RIGHT GENRE to the t.A.T.u. music!! Lena always be soft nd tht make her less better than Julia.. she should be totally involved in the real genre of tATu music..

but i m nt saying the Lena is bad.. she definitely a gr8 singer too nd a Nice Person 2!!....

Thy always fight wen thy are indi.. Thtz y t.A.T.u. roxx more than any of their solo Project..
and ya.. Lena was only responsible for t.A.T.u. deformation nd going Solo.. wat ABOUT THIs.. does tht nt struck the minds of fckin stupid people who just want to blame Julia for her deeds..

I just luv t.A.T.u. together not indi....

on Wednesday, July 21st, neko said

lena has always been my favorite... yulia in my opinion IS a backstabbing fake .....those lips look awful on her.......
she is a tottaly different person...and shes been sleezing around with men... does anybody know why her and parviz broke up

on Tuesday, July 20th, Faiza said

Something sounds like lena and yulia had a fight or aren't friends anymore? because it really seems like they are hiding something from us... lena can't plainly say she wishes success for yulia when clearly yulia dissed her :(

on Tuesday, July 20th, Lexie said

I'm so proud of her. <3
She could've sunk to Yulia's level but she did not.

on Tuesday, July 20th, RemiRem said

I love her <3

on Tuesday, July 20th, G said

I think u r all missing the main point here. tatu is OVER & we will never see a fourth album :( .Her maturity eclipses Yulia's (lack-of), and she reminds us all who has always been the true professional (BOTH on and off the field). ps SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!

on Tuesday, July 20th, Rachel said

Lena is a wonderful, classy, tasteful woman and handled this so gracefully.

I wish she would come to Florida or at least the south-east United States, I want to support her solo career. I can't quite say the same for Yulia yet because of her nasty comments about our dear Lenka.

Ha, Adrian :) Yes I would pay good money to see them mud-wrestle in bikinis.

on Tuesday, July 20th, jenn said

lol she and Yulia are like polar opposites.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Fabian said

I love how she handles calmly and professionally. And Yulia, well she's just getting bigger and bitch-ier, when really she hasn't done anything.

on Tuesday, July 20th, marla said

lena can totally control herself she know what to say and how to say it she seems nice ,i really hope YULS work this problem out with lena .yulia say her true feeling and her opinion but she should calm herself down because i love her so so much and she spoke for a lot of fans and it's true lena music is not that great but she should be more carefull bt what to say and how to say it (like lena)

on Tuesday, July 20th, Mwa-coco said

I was about to say something about what Yulia said, but Esméy has already said it all... :)
I think it hurts Lena, but I hope she'll talk about it with Yulia, to fix things.

on Tuesday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

Fuck Yulia for hurting Lena.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Aryle said

Love you Lena! Keep doing your work, I support you 100% :)

on Tuesday, July 20th, Esméy said

since I'm listening to tATu, Yulia was my favourite. And of course I think Yulia wasn't right with saying this, because Lena is the one who already has a solo career, and the only news we've heard from Yulia was the fact that she and Parviz broke up. But OK, I think Lena handled this very calm, and I think that was a good way to handle this. Like, I love Yulia, but this isn't the right way to say something to Lena. Like, if it goes further like this, tATu will never be tATu. I think it's a pity that the situation is like this now. But anyway, I don't hate Yulia for saying this, I would never hate her or Lena, because they're my favourite celebs & I hope sometime they'll be together again <3.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Hilary said

I feel sad about what yulia did. I hate her now. I just hope lena ig nores her dumbness and just focus on her career and keeps rocking. Still i feel yulia needs a hard slap from lena so she learns to shut her shitty mouth covered by ger big fake lips.

on Tuesday, July 20th, Cassandra said

I hope so much that Yulia's solo carreer will start soon... I don't like Lena's music, so I belive that Yulia will be better than this. However, Lena is very calm, she controls herself ! =)

on Tuesday, July 20th, a.d.I.R.a.n. said

How did Lena find out about the video? Did fans send her the video or did she see the forums??

Lena handled this very tastefully! But the bitch in me wants to see a good cat fight :P

She seems upset! She probably feels betrayed.

I hope it all gets better and Yulia's solo gets a move on!

on Tuesday, July 20th, Liz said

Bravo Lena! Keep doing your thing!