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07/21/2010: "AllMyLove.Org Giveaway"

Source: AllMyLove.Org

We are pleased to announce that Nabil from Pakistan has won two official postcards of Lena Katina. Congratulations, Nabil! And thank you to everyone who entered!

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on Sunday, August 15th, Faiza said

@Nabil yes it is the female version lol! oh wait... I thought Nabil could be a girl's name too...
what B

on Tuesday, August 10th, Nabil said

Just checked this and i wonna thank everyone for your positive comments!

lol@ faiza but isnt Nabila female version of Nabil?i tought its an actual name.

on Monday, August 9th, Faiza said

Aww man I wish I'd have come earlier to enter the contest! grr... lol nabil :P that's like my nickname Nabila... we're so much alike lol.. except I'm from Bangladesh(east pakistan) ^_^ lawl... now ya'll know where i'm from... I mean I'm born there I don't live there =/ I live in canada... ok I think I'm giving out too much infoo... too inapropriate to give away on the net... ok I'll shut up now.. congrats nabil

on Monday, July 26th, VampireVolkova said

Congratulations Nabil xxxxxx

on Sunday, July 25th, Aryle said

Congrats Nabil! :) I'm insanely jealous of you xD

on Saturday, July 24th, Karan said

congratulation Nabil!!!! its too precious, jst dn't lose it!!

on Saturday, July 24th, Laya said

Siiiighs ! Anyway congrats Nabil !

on Saturday, July 24th, cvw220 said

That's so crazy. Nabil left the forum during that time (pridefest) and I was planning on asking Nabil if they wanted one, but then promised all the post cards I had to others.So strange how these things work out. lol

Congratulations Nabil!

on Saturday, July 24th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I wish I could've won! :'( Times like this I wish AML didnt have as many visiters! Congrats Nabil(Sorry if I mispelled your name!), you lucky mother fucker!! :D

on Friday, July 23rd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

OMG! Rachel, Id give you my strap-on if you split with me! :P

on Friday, July 23rd, Rachel said

If I won I'd totally split the reward with Adrian. JS.

Uahh, but I wish I could win a poster giveaway, my bedroom walls are so drab.

on Thursday, July 22nd, ileana said

haha sorry, T__T no lo sabia, jeje, si quieres borra todos los q ya envia y solo deja uno, perdon!!! no sabia!! sorry

on Thursday, July 22nd, Amanda said

Ileana, sólo una vez!!!

on Thursday, July 22nd, ileana said

se puede enviar tu correo varias veces??? =S o solo una vez?

on Thursday, July 22nd, Juan Pablo said

i have just submited!! ^^ good luck everyone! :) this is really great!! Thanks for the giveaway Amanda ^^

on Thursday, July 22nd, Amanda said

Mel, thank you!

on Thursday, July 22nd, Mel said

I enetered
Amanda you ALWAYS have such good giveaways

on Thursday, July 22nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

G, I would love a postcard, from any of the girls! :D I think the nuetral/Yulia fans would too, I think? :p

on Thursday, July 22nd, G said

I wonder if anyone would want Yulia postcards atm?? hahaha

on Wednesday, July 21st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

SPOILER: Rachel doesn't win! :P

I rather just get 1 post card lol and yeah, I agree! Clever way to do damage control! lol

on Wednesday, July 21st, Rachel said

SPOILER: Rachel wins.

on Wednesday, July 21st, Amanda said

G, I am giving away two postcards to one person. But if everything goes as planned, then I will do another give away soon (non-postcards.)

on Wednesday, July 21st, G said

Nice damage control Amanda ;) Question- would u rather: 1 winner of 2xpostcards/ 2 winners of 1xpostcard ??

on Wednesday, July 21st, cvw220 said

hope they have one for San Francisco!

on Wednesday, July 21st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

This came at a good time :D Now some positivity in AML :)

on Wednesday, July 21st, Karan said

ya Liz, me 2 agree.. i would really luv to win cause i m a BIG t.A.T.u. fan.....!!

on Wednesday, July 21st, Aryle said

Yay! :D

on Wednesday, July 21st, Amanda said

Liz, I agree. You're welcome!

on Wednesday, July 21st, liz said

finally, something positive. i couldn't stand any more negative energy. thanks amanda! :)